Rhus longipes Engl.
var. longipes

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Records of this taxon from Zimbabwe are shown in the table below. Cases where the taxon is native, naturalised, possibly planted or definitely planted are all listed.

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Record number No of images Record date Recorder(s) Coll. Det. Conf. Herbaria Habitat Location Loc code(s) Outing code Planted code Country QDS Grid ref. FZ Div Alt. (m) Notes Lat Long Loc Acc Code
100127026 Jan 2019MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
Disturbed miombo woodlandHaven Horses, Umwinsidale, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1434-17.73836631.1911667
99662029 Dec 2018MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
K van Laeren
MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
Rocky miombo woodlandHawkshead Drive Extension, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1562-17.71151431.1300547
99632028 Dec 2018MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
MA Hyde
Sandy miombo woodlandNear Cleveland Pistol Club10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1581-17.81911031.1661967
99382023 Dec 2018MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
By path on rocky slopes in miombo woodlandNgomakurira, Chinhamora CL360Zimbabwe1731C1 C1437-17.55654831.2356637
98790017 Nov 2018MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Forest patchesEscarpment on Burma Valley road630Zimbabwe1932B1 E1134-19.18475532.7020657
96626026 May 2018MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Disturbed Brachystegia boehmii hillsidePalland Valley Lane, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1420-17.73808731.1966137
77386018 Mar 2017MA Hyde
MA Hyde
On rocky hill41, Ridgeview Drive, Sentosa, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1490-17.78866631.0147297
76382013 Jan 2017MA Hyde
MA Hyde
In miombo (mainly boehmii) woodlandBushbaby Lodge, Cromlet Road, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1399-17.76528231.2886787
76249029 Dec 2016MA Hyde
T Alegria
MA Hyde
Open woodlandNear the curator's office, Ewanrigg Botanic Garden280Zimbabwe1731C2 C1278-17.69724031.3341277
76111024 Sep 2016MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
MA Hyde
In rocky woodlandValley of the Umwinsi River10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1378In flower-17.72161131.1901847
74252017 Jul 2016MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Sandy miombo woodland amongst rocksHarava Dam490Zimbabwe1731C3 C1431-17.98630931.1040927
67969031 Oct 2015MA Hyde
MA Hyde
In miombo woodland in gardenGarden of 29, Swallow Hill, Helensvale10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1490-17.72536031.1493007
67302020 Sep 2015MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
In miombo woodlandCalderwood Park, Peterhouse School0Zimbabwe1831B1 C1610-18.21000031.6228207
67543016 Aug 2015M Coates Palgrave
Rocky riverineHildemara Park,Trelawney District0Zimbabwe1730C2 N1280-17.59330030.3019407
66668019 Jul 2015MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Roadside woodlandBy Buckland Road, Hatcliffe South Extension0Zimbabwe1731C1 C1530-17.69407031.0794607
67498021 Jun 2015M Coates Palgrave
Miombo woodland among graniteChedgelow Farm, near Harare Airport0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1450-17.96670031.1189007
62758016 Nov 2014M Coates Palgrave
In miombo woodland Lake Chivero Bird Sanctuary110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1370-17.91063330.8398007
53418015 Sep 2013M Coates Palgrave
M Coates Palgrave
RiverineThetford Estate1580Zimbabwe1731C1 C1280-17.58450031.0347677
51287021 Apr 2013MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Sandy miombo (mostly Julbernardia) woodlandMacDonald's game park, Ruwa0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1520-17.90804031.2201007
49782021 Mar 2013MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Edge of woodlandMavhuradonha Wilderness Eco-Lodge1530Zimbabwe1631A3 N1090-16.46576031.0532407
49194020 Jan 2013M Coates Palgrave
WoodlandBally Vaughan0Zimbabwe1731C2 C1250-17.65150031.3720005
51096010 Jan 2013MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
Open miombo woodland at base of rocky hillNyahokwe Hill, Nyanga0Zimbabwe1832B1 E1460-18.14617032.6884207
5047903 Jan 2013MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
Somewhat disturbed sandy grassland with a few treesOn Dyffryn Farm, close to main road between Headlands and Rusape0Zimbabwe1832A3 C1490-18.43956032.1333607
50006024 Dec 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Open miombo woodlandRoadside stop, by Harare to Shamva Road, Saratoga Farm0Zimbabwe1731C2 C1250-17.63349031.4007207
4327905 Sep 2012MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Disturbed open riverine woodlandMavhuradonha Eco Wilderness Camp1530Zimbabwe1631A3 N1090-16.46451031.0529107
38919013 Jan 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
J Varden
In open miombo woodlandKopje Tops, Mavhuradonha Wilderness Area760Zimbabwe1630D2 N1220-16.58139030.8479407
74396020 Nov 2011M Coates Palgrave
MG Bingham
River side of boulders/kopjeSouth of picnic site Harava Dam490Zimbabwe1731C3 C1430-17.98680031.1035177
35833016 Oct 2011MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Amongst rocksBushman's Point, Lake Chivero RP110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1390-17.91933030.8361507
39696018 Sep 2011MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
By watercourse below damNear Dam no. 4, Gosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 C1630-18.17859031.6194907
32620314 Nov 2010WR Clarke
In corner woods, Val D'Or120Zimbabwe1731C4 UR173265C15320
31713011 Nov 2010MA Hyde
In woodlandRydal Court, Ruwa0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1590-17.92598031.2890200
32530017 Oct 2010MA Hyde
Miombo woodlandMfuti, Cromlet Road0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1420-17.76168031.2684800
30611015 Aug 2010MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
GrasslandGosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 C1640-18.17751031.6286200
79898018 Jul 2010MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Mixed open habitats near riverUmwinsi River, Raintree10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1360-17.72186031.1920307
29418020 Jun 2010MA Hyde
Open sandy woodlandChedgelow Farm0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1440-17.96544031.1215800
28817022 May 2010MA Hyde
In somewhat disturbed miombo woodlandNr Telecel concrete blocks, MacDonald Park, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1510-17.78845031.0296000
26293027 Dec 2009BT Wursten
P Ballings
Mixed miombo woodland Lake Chivero Recreational Park110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1390-17.89569030.7525600
26244025 Dec 2009MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Open woodland on sandy soils24, Athlone Avenue Greendale10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1550-17.82774031.1276700
27689015 Nov 2009MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
In rocky miombo woodlandNr Ruzawi School0Zimbabwe1831B1 C1620-18.23864031.5483300
24971019 Jul 2009MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
On termite moundJacana Yacht Club, Lake Chivero110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1370-17.89384030.8090000
23523026 Apr 2009M Coates Palgrave
Lanark Game Park0Zimbabwe1830B2 C1370-18.03945030.8995500
23557026 Apr 2009MA Hyde
Open woodland with scattered trees and termite moundsLanark Game Park0Zimbabwe1830B2 C1410-18.01671030.9357400
23570026 Apr 2009MA Hyde
Open woodland with scattered trees and termite moundsLanark Game Park0Zimbabwe1830B2 C1410-18.01648030.9352200
29077018 Jan 2009MA Hyde
Open miombo woodlandBy path to warden's house, Christon Bank70Zimbabwe1731C1 C1350-17.58813031.0102600
18223028 Oct 2007MA Hyde
Burnt open miombo woodland49, Umwinsidale Rd, Umwinsidale0Zimbabwe1731C1 UR082400C13800
3205209 Sep 2007MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
By streamChriston Bank70Zimbabwe1731C1 TR888545C1340In flower6
17354025 Aug 2007MA Hyde
Edge of riverine forestGreystone Park NR1,180Zimbabwe1731C1 UR016372C1480Tree just coming into flower.0
16951019 Aug 2007MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
On rocks on N side of Mukuvisi RiverNr the bridge over the Mukuvisi River1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR978256C1490In copious flower-17.85100031.0915806
16255015 Jul 2007MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Sandy miombo woodlandJacana Yacht Club, Lake Chivero110Zimbabwe1730D4 TR679206C1380-17.89320030.8090100
15987017 Jun 2007MA Hyde
Rocky miombo woodlandNgomakurira360Zimbabwe1731C1 UR127582C14000
16189028 Apr 2007MA Hyde
Sandy miombo woodlandNear entrance to Ruwa Scout Park340Zimbabwe1731C3 UR115223C15300
16118015 Apr 2007MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Open rocky woodlandHaka Game Park, Cleveland Dam1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR045278C15600
21007018 Mar 2007MA Hyde
WoodlandAmarillo, Mt Hampden0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR818433C15700
18399018 Feb 2007MA Hyde
On dam wall, primarily grassy habitatRuzawi School, Marondera0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ473838C16400
1507405 Jan 2007MA Hyde
Small thicket of trees in sandy woodlandBy railway line just off the Harare to Mutare Rd, nr Bromley0Zimbabwe1831A2 UQ292968C16000
2093105 Nov 2006MA Hyde
Open grasslandDulverton Field, Glen Lorne10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR050387C14200
7707017 Sep 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Open woodlandShenstone, Mt Hampden0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR824428C14800
7035020 Aug 2006MA Hyde
Open woodlandEwanrigg Botanical Garden280Zimbabwe1731C2 UR228431C13200
6484023 Jul 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
In miombo woodlandBy main Harare/Mutare Rd west of Marondera0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ626901C16800
15867017 Feb 2006MA Hyde
B Beekes
Open woodlandRoland Close, Kambanji, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 UR016359C15000
4629031 Dec 2005MA Hyde
Open area on dam wallVal D'Or, nr dam120Zimbabwe1731C4 UR173272C15200
4488020 Nov 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Miombo woodland at base of hillGardiner, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 UR173283C15000
3869021 Oct 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Dry woodlandNr Odzani R. bridge350Zimbabwe1832D3 VQ482192E10700
3641017 Oct 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Dense exotic scrub, woodland and forestTiger Kloof, Mutare450Zimbabwe1832D3 VQ679049E12100
421909 Oct 2005MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
R Burrett
In Uapaca-dominated miombo woodlandSacred forest, at base of Domboshawa150Zimbabwe1731C1 UR058526C15700
3254018 Sep 2005MA Hyde
In rocky miombo woodlandRuzawi School, nr Marondera0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ469836C16300
2578027 Aug 2005MA Hyde
In, mainly exotic, woodlandMoir Close, Mandara1,430Zimbabwe1731C3 UR031329C1520Common component of woodland0
1899010 Jul 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In riverine vegetation by Mukuvisi RiverHillside Park, Harare1,380Zimbabwe1731C3 TR959269C14800
1448019 Jun 2005MA Hyde
Open disturbed woodlandKutsaga170Zimbabwe1731C3 UR018174C14800
817023 Apr 2005MA Hyde
Open woodlandCharmwood, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR066374C14700
703026 Feb 2005MA Hyde
In open woodlandHaslemere Lane, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR080408C14100
5013127 Sep 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
WoodlandLake Chivero110Zimbabwe1730D4 TR706179C13600
5200019 Sep 2004MA Hyde
Rocky woodland, nr base of rocky hillNr Chikupo Cave, Masembura CL0Zimbabwe1731A4 UR184708N13900
370228 Aug 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In open scrubCleveland Dam1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR038271C15400
4253023 Aug 2003MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
Open woodland on rocky hillsNr Makumbi Mission, Chinamora CL0Zimbabwe1731C2 UR149625C1430-17.51913031.2561106
5454203 Dec 2001MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
P Haxen
MA Hyde
In well-wooded garden29, Helensvale Road, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1510-17.73846031.1323806
18790030 Oct 2001MA Hyde
In valley by Manyonga RiverCharmwood10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR064378C00
1885905 Apr 2001MA Hyde
In rocky woodland just above a streamBally Vaughan, Goromonzi District0Zimbabwe1731C2 UR277496C13000
30581017 Sep 2000MA Hyde
Rocky hill with huge bouldersGosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ537890C16400
54626027 May 2000MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Weedy area by road and near a streamEnterprise Road, near Charmwood10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR067373C14506
39565015 Aug 1999MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
Open woodlandBy Mutare-Harare Road, near Headlands, at 121 km peg0Zimbabwe1831B2 C00
14414018 Sep 1998MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
High rainfall, lichen-covered miombo woodlandBetween Marondera and Macheke0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ630904C16600
1428801 Jan 1998MA Hyde
A MacNaughtan
On low rocky hillNr Weya, Weya CL, Makoni District0Zimbabwe1832A1 VR122072C1320-18.02486032.1702306
2369609 Sep 1995MA Hyde
Riverine vegetationMudzoro River, Nyanga District0Zimbabwe1832B2 VR948025E10000
23780012 Aug 1994MA Hyde
Base of Murahwa's Hill530Zimbabwe1832D3 VQ626041E11100
23980026 Jan 1991MA Hyde
On anthillFalcon Golf Course, Hatfield10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR979209C00
23978027 Jan 1990MA Hyde
In sandy woodlandNE corner of Mukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR985268C00
23977028 Oct 1989MA Hyde
Dry areaNear Mukuvisi River1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR962262C00
23976021 Oct 1989MA Hyde
Below dam wall, near carpark, Cleveland Dam1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR034265C00
23975026 Aug 1989MA Hyde
Near Mukuvisi River1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR969259C00
23974011 Jun 1989MA Hyde
P Haxen
Mukuvisi Woodland public area1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR976271C00
23973022 Oct 1988MA Hyde
P Haxen
On anthillMukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR972260C00
98413015 Feb 1982IC Riddell
RB Drummond
Open woodland Between the caravan site and the dam wall on North Bank, Lake Chivero. 110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1380-17.87290030.8085005
239790No dateMukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C0Checklist 10
279870No dateEdge of forestChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3 E0Checklist 40

Total records found: 95

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-19

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2019). Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Records of: Rhus longipes.
https://www.zimbabweflora.co.zw/speciesdata/species-display.php?species_id=136720, retrieved 21 April 2019

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