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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
AmaranthaceaeAchyranthes aspera var. sicula KutsagaRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeAcokanthera oppositifolia KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeAfrocanthium lactescens KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeAfrocanthium lactescens KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeAgeratina adenophora Kutsaga, nr small recreational hutRecord
AsteraceaeAgeratum conyzoides KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeAnthospermum ternatum subsp. randii Kutsaga, near DamRecord
AsteraceaeBidens schimperi KutsagaRecord
OxalidaceaeBiophytum umbraculum KutsagaRecord
CapparaceaeBoscia salicifolia KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeBothriocline laxa subsp. laxa Kutsaga, near DamRecord
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeBrachystegia spiciformis Kutsaga, near DamRecord
AmaranthaceaeCentemopsis gracilenta KutsagaRecord
CombretaceaeCombretum collinum Kutsaga, near DamRecord
AsteraceaeCrassocephalum rubens var. rubens Kutsaga, near DamRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeCrotalaria anisophylla KutsagaRecord
EbenaceaeDiospyros lycioides subsp. sericea Kutsaga, near DamRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeDiplorhynchus condylocarpon KutsagaRecord
Malvaceae: Byttnerioideae, Helicteroideae & SterculioideaeDombeya rotundifolia KutsagaRecord
AcanthaceaeDyschoriste hildebrandtii Kutsaga, near DamRecord
PoaceaeEragrostis viscosa KutsagaRecord
GentianaceaeFaroa amara KutsagaRecord (with image)
GentianaceaeFaroa amara KutsagaRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeFelicia welwitschii KutsagaRecord
CelastraceaeGymnosporia buxifolia KutsagaRecord
LamiaceaeHaumaniastrum sericeum KutsagaRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeHelichrysum candolleanum KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeHelichrysum forskahlii Kutsaga, by DamRecord
AsteraceaeHelichrysum kraussii Kutsaga, near DamRecord
PoaceaeHeteropogon contortus Kutsaga, nr small recreational hutRecord
AsteraceaeHirpicium gracile Kutsaga, near DamRecord
AsteraceaeHypericophyllum compositarum Kutsaga, near DamRecord (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeIndigofera rhynchocarpa var. rhynchocarpa KutsagaRecord
BignoniaceaeJacaranda mimosifolia KutsagaRecord
AsphodelaceaeKniphofia linearifolia KutsagaRecord (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeKotschya strobilantha var. strobilantha KutsagaRecord (with image)
AmaranthaceaeKyphocarpa angustifolia Kutsaga, near DamRecord
AsteraceaeLaggera crispata Kutsaga, near DamRecord
AnacardiaceaeLannea discolor Kutsaga, near DamRecord
LamiaceaeLeucas songeana KutsagaRecord (with image)
SapindaceaePappea capensis KutsagaRecord
PolygonaceaePersicaria limbata Kutsaga, by DamRecord
LamiaceaePycnostachys stuhlmannii KutsagaRecord (with image)
VitaceaeRhoicissus tridentata KutsagaRecord
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeSchotia brachypetala Kutsaga, near DamRecord
RubiaceaeSpermacoce dibrachiata KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeSpermacoce subvulgata var. subvulgata Kutsaga, near DamRecord
LoganiaceaeStrychnos spinosa KutsagaRecord
MyrtaceaeSyzygium guineense subsp. huillense KutsagaRecord
AcanthaceaeThunbergia oblongifolia Kutsaga, near DamRecord

Number of records found: 50

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