Eriosema englerianum Harms

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Records of this taxon from Zimbabwe are shown in the table below. Cases where the taxon is native, naturalised, possibly planted or definitely planted are all listed.

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Record number No of images Record date Recorder(s) Coll. Det. Conf. Herbaria Habitat Location Loc code(s) Outing code Planted code Country QDS Grid ref. FZ Div Alt. (m) Notes Lat Long Loc Acc Code
100783031 Mar 2019MA Hyde
A Hull
MA Hyde
Miombo woodland20, Hawkshead Drive, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1534-17.72395231.1183717
100254023 Feb 2019MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Sandy miombo woodlandHaka Game Park1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 C1543-17.83713731.1472497
99730029 Dec 2018MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
K van Laeren
MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Rocky miombo woodlandHawkshead Drive Extension, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1556-17.71053931.1300557
90860021 Jan 2018MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
MA Hyde
Sandy miombo woodland among rocksMbizi Game Park, picnic area0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1441-17.96380531.1264237
76423014 Jan 2017MA Hyde
MA Hyde
In miombo (mainly boehmii) woodlandBy Jean's Way, off Cromlet Road, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1424-17.76174331.2921877
76116024 Sep 2016MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
MA Hyde
In rocky woodlandValley of the Umwinsi River10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1367In flower-17.72204731.1903957
67315120 Sep 2015MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
Open area on dam wallCalderwood Park, Peterhouse School0Zimbabwe1831B1 C1610-18.21075031.6228807
62762016 Nov 2014M Coates Palgrave
In miombo woodland Lake Chivero Bird Sanctuary110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1370About 80 cm, flowers orangey yellow-17.91065030.8396677
62767016 Nov 2014M Coates Palgrave
In miombo woodland Lake Chivero Bird Sanctuary110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1370About 1 m, flowers orangey yellow-17.91048330.8400507
60564023 Aug 2014MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
Patch of residual miombo woodland50, Borrowdale Road, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1530-17.74802031.0942007
51301021 Apr 2013MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Sandy miombo (mostly Julbernardia) woodlandMacDonald's game park, Ruwa0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1520-17.90840031.2151707
38885013 Jan 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
J Varden
In open miombo woodlandKopje Tops, Mavhuradonha Wilderness Area760Zimbabwe1630D2 N1220-16.58169030.8466907
3215209 Jan 2011MA Hyde
BT Wursten
RoadsideArcturus Road0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1530-17.81563031.2570007
31861018 Dec 2010MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
GrasslandChakoma, NE of Harare720Zimbabwe1731C1 C1440-17.69710031.1920200
31768011 Nov 2010MA Hyde
Miombo woodlandRydal Court, Ruwa0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1580-17.92422031.2858400
32507017 Oct 2010MA Hyde
Burnt roadside vergesCromlet Road, near turn-off to Mfuti0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1420-17.76100031.2715300
31611014 Oct 2010MA Hyde
Vlei grasslandMonavale Vlei, Harare1,770Zimbabwe1731C3 C1460-17.80922031.0092000
30607015 Aug 2010MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
GrasslandGosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 C1640-18.17743031.6283500
30685015 Aug 2010MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
GrasslandGosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 C1640-18.17682031.6283500
79853018 Jul 2010MA Hyde
MA Hyde
In degraded woodlandBy road down to Raintree, Umwinsidale, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1380-17.71899031.1901007
24533025 May 2009MA Hyde
Open grassy areaSandringham Drive, on corner opposite Shannon Drive 10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1520-17.79460031.0569000
21714014 Nov 2008MA Hyde
B Beekes
Rocky hillside covered in suffrutex speciesThe former Gletwyn Farm, NE Harare0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1510Circular patch of stems, c. 1.5 m across-17.76974031.1494000
18237028 Oct 2007MA Hyde
Burnt open miombo woodlandNear 49, Umwinsidale Rd, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR081400C13900
16353015 Jul 2007MA Hyde
Open sandy miombo woodlandNear Jacana Yacht Club, Lake Chivero110Zimbabwe1730D4 TR677207C13900
15769024 Mar 2007MA Hyde
Grassland with low shrubsDulverton Field, Glen Lorne10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR048387C14100
21009018 Mar 2007MA Hyde
WoodlandAmarillo, Mt Hampden0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR820431C15500
18421018 Feb 2007MA Hyde
Open sandy miombo woodlandNr Dam, Ruzawi School, Marondera0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ474839C16300
1508405 Jan 2007MA Hyde
Dry grassland with small shrubs and suffruticesBy railway line just off the Harare to Mutare Rd, nr Bromley0Zimbabwe1831A2 UQ292968C16000
14155025 Nov 2006MA Hyde
Open miombo woodlandArt Farm, N of Harare0Zimbabwe1731C1 TR947424C15400
2091205 Nov 2006MA Hyde
Open grasslandDulverton Field, Glen Lorne10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR047385C14100
1542918 Oct 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Burnt roadside vergeRd to Christon Bank0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR860492C14500
5981029 Apr 2006MA Hyde
Open groundShenstone, Mt Hampden0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR823428C15000
15885017 Feb 2006MA Hyde
B Beekes
Moist woodland (semi-riverine) by a streamRoland Close, Kambanji, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 UR017358C14900
5311015 Jan 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In sandy miombo woodlandKutsaga, nr Dam170Zimbabwe1731C3 UR010175C14700
834023 Apr 2005MA Hyde
Open woodlandCharmwood, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR066374C14700
5201 Jan 2005MA Hyde
Open Brachystegia woodlandVacant plot, Coleford Rd, Greendale10Zimbabwe1731C3 UR031305C1550Common suffrutex many stems arising from central area.0
169433 Dec 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In scrubGreystone Park NR1,180Zimbabwe1731C1 UR014372C14800
54678027 May 2000MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Open miombo woodlandCharmwood10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR066377C14306
14394018 Sep 1998MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
Burnt dry groundBy road south from Macheke0Zimbabwe1831B2 UQ795902C15000
14468018 Sep 1998MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
Woodland at base of Monte CassinoHills to E of Monte Cassino Mission, Macheke0Zimbabwe1831B2 UQ821888C15200
54774019 Oct 1997MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
P Haxen
Open burnt areaIvordale Farm0Zimbabwe1731C2 UR321454C12506
667005 Nov 1995MA Hyde
RB Drummond
WoodlandPTC Land just north of Haka Game park1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR041289C15500

Total records found: 42

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-21

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2021). Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Records of: Eriosema englerianum., retrieved 23 April 2021

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