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New discovery for Zimbabwe!

While doing some field work in Zimbabwe in January 2014, Bart and I made our way up to Mount Buchwa. The road up was steep and heavy going but the reward made it all up for it …

Walking around the top of this exquisite place our eyes fell upon a beautiful fern growing against the bare steep rocky walls of the former mining part of the mountain. The tufted, firmly herbaceous fronds are dark green above and covered with a yellow powder below. Never having seen this fern before we straight away thought it had to be special!

Pityrogramma calomelanos var. aureoflava

We collected some material for determination purposes and it turned out to be a first record for Zimbabwe : Pityrogramma calomelanos var. aureoflava!

Native to South and Central America; naturalised in DRC, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Comoro Islands, Mauritius and Australia … this species has now found its way into Zim.

More details on the species page.


Progress with capturing taxa

Work is in progress to capture the species data for the 3 new countries or regions. Currently, the number of native or naturalised taxa recorded for each territory is shown in the table below. The totals are also shown for the 3 original countries.

AreaNumber of taxa

The numbers are inflated slightly by 'aggregate' taxa. As a proportion of the total flora, Zimbabwe is probably more or less complete. Zambia is reasonably complete but some major families still need to be added. Mozambique is less well covered than Zambia. The three new regions obviously have a long way to go.

Sample image from the Zimbabwe flora

Indigofera serpentinicolaOur current sample image is of Indigofera serpentinicola. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full image or click on the species name to find out more.
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About the website

This site is work in progress towards an e-flora of Zimbabwe and is a joint venture between Bart Wursten, Mark Hyde, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave. We expect that it will also be useful for people living in neighbouring countries, namely Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia as parts of their flora are similar to that of Zimbabwe.

As of today, Monday, 24 November 2014, there are 18181 images for 3357 species, of which 3214 are native or naturalised and 143 are purely cultivated.

The Site history page gives details of the latest additions to the site. There is also a frequently asked questions page.

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As a guide to where to look for new content, below are details of some of the most recently updated pages:

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20 Nov 2014 Thesium dolichomeres
20 Nov 2014 Centella obtriangularis
04 Nov 2014 Anisotes pubinervis
29 Oct 2014 Cadaba termitaria
21 Oct 2014 Carissa tetramera
15 Oct 2014 Pseudobombax ellipticum

The Zimbabwe Flora Team

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Monday, 24 November 2014

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