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The following are the 25 most recent species added, amended or updated. Click on the species name to go to the species page or click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Date updatedSpecies nameImage
04 Dec 2016 Agelanthus zizyphifolius subsp. vittatus Agelanthus zizyphifolius subsp. vittatus
05 Nov 2016 Galpinia transvaalica Galpinia transvaalica
05 Nov 2016 Ipomoea alba Ipomoea alba
04 Nov 2016 Calceolaria tripartita Calceolaria tripartita
02 Nov 2016 Eriochrysis pallida Eriochrysis pallida
27 Oct 2016 Chlorophytum transvaalense Chlorophytum transvaalense
26 Oct 2016 Orbea carnosa subsp. keithii Orbea carnosa subsp. keithii
26 Oct 2016 Elaeodendron schlechterianum Elaeodendron schlechterianum
25 Oct 2016 Allophylus rubifolius var. alnifolius Allophylus rubifolius var. alnifolius
24 Oct 2016 Blepharis acanthodioides Blepharis acanthodioides
08 Oct 2016 Ceropegia lugardiae Ceropegia lugardiae
04 Oct 2016 Antherotoma debilis Antherotoma debilis
03 Oct 2016 Haplocarpha scaposa Haplocarpha scaposa
02 Oct 2016 Senecio erubescens var. erubescens Senecio erubescens var. erubescens
02 Oct 2016 Justicia heterocarpa subsp. dinteri Justicia heterocarpa subsp. dinteri
02 Oct 2016 Crassula lanceolata subsp. transvaalensis Crassula lanceolata subsp. transvaalensis
01 Oct 2016 Heteropyxis dehniae Heteropyxis dehniae
01 Oct 2016 Ficus glumosa Ficus glumosa
01 Oct 2016 Brachylaena discolor var. rotundata Brachylaena discolor var. rotundata
30 Sep 2016 Cyanotis lanata Cyanotis lanata
30 Sep 2016 Merremia pinnata Merremia pinnata
30 Sep 2016 Ludwigia octovalvis subsp. brevisepala Ludwigia octovalvis subsp. brevisepala
29 Sep 2016 Eriospermum mackenii subsp. mackenii Eriospermum mackenii subsp. mackenii
29 Sep 2016 Holarrhena pubescens Holarrhena pubescens
29 Sep 2016 Terminalia sericea Terminalia sericea

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-16

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2016). Flora of Zimbabwe: Recently updated species., retrieved 7 December 2016

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