Ekebergia benguelensis Welw. ex C.DC.

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Records of this taxon from Zimbabwe are shown in the table below. Cases where the taxon is native, naturalised, possibly planted or definitely planted are all listed.

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Record number No of images Record date Recorder(s) Coll. Det. Conf. Herbaria Habitat Location Loc code(s) Outing code Planted code Country QDS Grid ref. FZ Div Alt. (m) Notes Lat Long Loc Acc Code
100803031 Mar 2019MA Hyde
A Hull
MA Hyde
Miombo woodland20, Hawkshead Drive, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1538-17.72363931.1185397
99739029 Dec 2018MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
K van Laeren
MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Rocky miombo woodlandHawkshead Drive Extension, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1565-17.71047231.1297437
100010011 Dec 2018BT Wursten
P Ballings
BT Wursten
Roadside vegetation in cleared and disturbed former Brachystegia woodland.Along road from Penhalonga to turn-off to Stapleford.0Zimbabwe1832D3 E1389-18.83508032.6742107
98848017 Nov 2018MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Miombo woodlandBy main Vumba road630Zimbabwe1932B1 E1373-19.06435832.7176607
90894027 Jan 2018MA Hyde
T Alegria
MA Hyde
T Alegria
Sandy miombo woodlandBy Mukuvisi River1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C1492Unusually large specimen-17.85008731.0951947
90825021 Jan 2018MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
Sandy miombo woodland among rocksMbizi Game Park0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1471-17.96325731.1338027
76385013 Jan 2017MA Hyde
MA Hyde
In miombo (mainly boehmii) woodlandBushbaby Lodge, Cromlet Road, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1399-17.76536331.2887647
74320017 Jul 2016MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Sandy miombo woodlandHarava Dam490Zimbabwe1731C3 C1436-17.98470431.1038597
67981031 Oct 2015MA Hyde
MA Hyde
In miombo woodland in gardenGarden of 29, Swallow Hill, Helensvale10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1480-17.72498031.1500107
67309020 Sep 2015MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
In miombo woodlandCalderwood Park, Peterhouse School0Zimbabwe1831B1 C1610Just coming into flower-18.21029031.6225207
57199017 Jan 2014BT Wursten
P Ballings
T Thomsen
F Thomsen
Margin of rocky miombo woodlandMt Chinaka, Juliasdale1630Zimbabwe1832B3 E1926-18.36947032.6455107
51740016 Jun 2013MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Open sandy woodlandRydal Court, Ruwa0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1580-17.92492031.2891307
5057804 Jan 2013MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
Rocky hillside with open shrublandInyangombe Falls carpark154,1550Zimbabwe1832B3 E1640-18.28483032.6805207
38846013 Jan 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
Rocky miombo woodlandMpinge Pass, Great Dyke0Zimbabwe1630D4 N1460-16.89008030.8173707
38624010 Jan 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Sandy miombo woodlandMkwari Estate, on scenic drive around Lake Kyle0Zimbabwe2031A1 S1070-20.16596031.1360407
37976027 Dec 2011MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Submontane grasslandRoad from Mt Selinda to Espungabera border post0Zimbabwe2032B3 E1040-20.41684032.7099707
39663018 Sep 2011MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Amongst large rock bouldersNear Dam no. 4, Gosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 C1630-18.17815031.6192607
3429414 Jan 2011BT Wursten
P Ballings
Somewhat disturbed Brachystegia woodlandRoad from Penhalonga to Small Bridge Dam0Zimbabwe1832D3 E1472-18.80898032.6822007
31786011 Nov 2010MA Hyde
Open miombo woodlandRydal Court, Ruwa0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1590-17.92419031.2892700
32533017 Oct 2010MA Hyde
Miombo woodlandMfuti, Cromlet Road0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1420Flowers white-17.76167031.2683400
32552017 Oct 2010MA Hyde
Miombo woodlandMfuti, Cromlet Road0Zimbabwe1731C4 C1450-17.76260031.2668600
30652015 Aug 2010MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
On rocky kopjeGosho Park700Zimbabwe1831B1 C1670-18.18087031.6267300
79934018 Jul 2010MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Amongst rocksRaintree, Umwinsidale, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1380-17.71891031.1935407
32323017 Jan 2010MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
Open rather disturbed ground11, Blue Haze Lane, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1370-17.71714031.1955107
26505013 Dec 2009MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Miombo woodlandVal D'Or120Zimbabwe1731C4 C1530-17.83944031.2756700
27714015 Nov 2009MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
In rocky miombo woodlandNr Ruzawi School0Zimbabwe1831B1 C1640-18.24027031.5482200
21986014 Dec 2008MA Hyde
Miombo woodland11, Blue Haze Lane, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1380-17.71613031.1950200
18292028 Oct 2007MA Hyde
Burnt veld, dry ground with scattered treesNear 49, Umwinsidale Rd, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR081400C13900
35996121 Oct 2007MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Miombo woodland at base of hillGardiner, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 UR173283C15006
15775024 Mar 2007MA Hyde
Grassland with low shrubsDulverton Field, Glen Lorne10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR048387C14100
20972018 Mar 2007MA Hyde
Open woodlandAmarillo, Mt Hampden0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR818433C15700
6900015 Aug 2006MA Hyde
Open woodlandNr Marowe Dam, John Galt village0Zimbabwe1832B3 VQ521727E15000
6017029 Apr 2006MA Hyde
Disturbed open woodland on hill slopeShenstone, Mt Hampden0Zimbabwe1730D2 TR820428C15500
619709 Apr 2006MA Hyde
Sandy open miombo woodlandMukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR978259C15000
4696031 Dec 2005MA Hyde
WoodlandVal D'Or120Zimbabwe1731C4 UR172273C15200
4486020 Nov 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Miombo woodland at base of hillGardiner Farm, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 UR173283C15000
422609 Oct 2005MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
R Burrett
In Uapaca-dominated miombo woodlandSacred forest, at base of Domboshawa150Zimbabwe1731C1 UR058526C15700
1873210 Jul 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In open dry groundHillside Park, Harare1,380Zimbabwe1731C3 TR961266C1480In flower0
1501019 Jun 2005MA Hyde
In sandy Brachystegia woodlandKutsaga170Zimbabwe1731C3 UR011172C14700
2985014 Jan 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Open woodlandMtoroshanga Pass, Gt Dyke0Zimbabwe1730B1 TS555009N14800
244404 Dec 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In miombo woodlandCleveland Dam1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR039269C15400
178023 Dec 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In open scrubby woodlandGreystone Park NR1,180Zimbabwe1731C1 UR014374C14800
18589016 Feb 2003MA Hyde
Rocky open woodlandDomboshawa150Zimbabwe1731C1 UR061516C16000
18701017 Jun 2001MA Hyde
Miombo woodlandBushman Rock Farm, Goromonzi0Zimbabwe1731C4 UR246124C14500
18804028 Apr 2001MA Hyde
Miombo woodlandNear summit of southern kopje, Meyrick Park, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR883306C15200
5119206 Jan 2001MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
WoodlandMtao Forest, south of Mvuma0Zimbabwe1930B3 TP431592C14806
54644027 May 2000MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Open miombo woodlandCharmwood10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR065376C14606
14416018 Sep 1998MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
High rainfall, lichen-covered miombo woodlandBetween Marondera and Macheke0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ630904C16600
14503018 Sep 1998MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
Rocky woodlandHills to E of Monte Cassino Mission, Macheke0Zimbabwe1831B2 UQ823886C15400
30375017 May 1996MA Hyde
RB Drummond
Sandy miombo woodland with extensive patches of cultivationHatfield, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR950237C1460-17.86790031.0649806
666605 Nov 1995MA Hyde
RB Drummond
WoodlandPTC Land just north of Haka Game park1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR041289C15500
23434024 Nov 1990MA Hyde
Mukuvisi Woodland, Game Area1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR970264C00
23433023 Jun 1990MA Hyde
In sandy woodlandNorth of George Road, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR959236C00
23431027 Jan 1990MA Hyde
In Parinari woodlandNE corner of Mukuvisi Woodlands1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR985267C00
23429028 Oct 1989MA Hyde
WoodlandJust north of the Mukuvisi River1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR967261C00
23430028 Oct 1989MA Hyde
Sandy areaSouth of Mukuvisi River1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR970256C00
23428024 Jun 1989MA Hyde
Sandy areaNorth of the Mukuvisi River, Mukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR970258C0Small trees0
234320No dateMukuvisi Woodlands1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C0Checklist 10
281680No dateEdge of forestChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3 E0Checklist 40
468520No date0Zimbabwe1630A3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468530No date0Zimbabwe1730B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468540No date0Zimbabwe1730B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468550No date0Zimbabwe1730B3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468560No date0Zimbabwe1730D2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468570No date0Zimbabwe1730D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468580No date0Zimbabwe1731A1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468590No date0Zimbabwe1731C1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468600No date0Zimbabwe1731C2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468610No date0Zimbabwe1731C3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468620No date0Zimbabwe1731C4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468630No date0Zimbabwe1731D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468640No date0Zimbabwe1830B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468650No date0Zimbabwe1830B3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468660No date0Zimbabwe1830B4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468670No date0Zimbabwe1830D1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468680No date0Zimbabwe1831A1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468690No date0Zimbabwe1831A2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468700No date0Zimbabwe1831A4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468710No date0Zimbabwe1831B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468720No date0Zimbabwe1831B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468730No date0Zimbabwe1831B3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468740No date0Zimbabwe1831C2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468750No date0Zimbabwe1831D1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468760No date0Zimbabwe1832A4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468770No date0Zimbabwe1832B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468780No date0Zimbabwe1832C1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468790No date0Zimbabwe1929C4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468800No date0Zimbabwe1929D3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468810No date0Zimbabwe1930A3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468820No date0Zimbabwe1930C1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468830No date0Zimbabwe1932D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
468840No date0Zimbabwe2030B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468850No date0Zimbabwe2030C2 0Tree Society mapping record0
468860No date0Zimbabwe2032A3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468870No date0Zimbabwe2032B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
468880No date0Zimbabwe1930B3 0Tree Society mapping record0
468890No date0Zimbabwe1832B3 0Tree Society mapping record0

Total records found: 97

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-20

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2020). Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Records of: Ekebergia benguelensis.
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