Checklist: Adiantaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are purely cultivated have been excluded.

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Adiantum lunulatum
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NamesFZ Divisions
138.500 ADIANTUM L. 
Adiantum capillus-veneris L. N,W,C,E,S
Adiantum capillus-veneris L. var. pinnata Bonap.
Adiantum coriandrifolium Lam.
Adiantum marginatum Schrad.
Adiantum paradisea Baker
Adiantum pseudocapillus Fée
Adiantum hispidulum Sw.
var. hispidulum E
Adiantum lobatum Kunze ex Ettingsh.
Adiantum incisum Forssk. N,W,C,E,S
Adiantum capillus-gorgonis Webb
Adiantum caudatum sensu Sim
Adiantum radicans Fée
Adiantum lunulatum Burm.f. N,W,C,E
Adiantum arcuatum Sw.
Adiantum lunulatum Cav.
Adiantum philippense L.
Pteris lunulata (Burm.f.) Retz.
Adiantum mendoncae Alston [NrEnd] N,E,S
Adiantum patens Willd.
subsp. oatesii (Baker) schelpe W
Adiantum oatesii Baker
Adiantum patens Willd. var. oatesii (Baker) F.Ballard
Adiantum pedatum Peter
Adiantum poiretii J.E. Wikstr. N,W,C,E,S
Adiantum poiretii Wikstr. var. sulphureum (Kaulf.) R.M.Tryon
Adiantum sulphureum Kaulf.
Adiantum thalictroides Schltdl.
Adiantum raddianum C.Presl E
Adiantum cuneatum Langsd. & Fisch.
144.300 VITTARIA Sm. 
Vittaria elongata Sw. [EN]E
Oetosis elongata (Sw.) Greene
Vittaria hildenbrandtii Hieron.
Vittaria stuhlmannii Hieron.
Vittaria ensiformis Sw. [EN]E
Haplopteris ensiformis (Sw.) E.H.Crane
Oetosis ensiformis (Sw.) Greene
Vittaria elongata Sw. var. ensiformis (Sw.) C.Chr.
Vittaria guineensis Desv.
var. orientalis Hieron. E
Vittaria guineensis sensu Hieron.
Vittaria loricea sensu Peter
Vittaria isoetifolia Bory E
Oetosis isoetifolia (Bory) Greene
Pteropsis angustifolia Pappa & Raws
Vittaria gueinzii Trevis.
Vittaria sarmentosa Ruiz ex Fée
Vittaria tenera Fée
Vittaria volkensii Hieron. E
Haplopteris volkensii (Hieron.) E.H.Crane

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Zimbabwe: Checklist: Adiantaceae]., retrieved 28 February 2024

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