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This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are purely cultivated have been excluded.

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Cardamine flexuosa
Clapham, A.R., Tutin, T.G. & Warburg, E.F. (1962) Flora of the British Isles. 2nd edition. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 
Exell, A.W. (1960) Brassicaceae Flora Zambesiaca 1(1)  
Tutin, T.G. et al. (eds) assisted by Akeroyd, J.R. & Newton, M.E. (1993) Flora Europaea. Vol. 1. (2nd edition) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 
NamesFZ Divisions
2883.000 LEPIDIUM L. 
Lepidium africanum (Burm. f.) DC.
subsp. africanum W,C,E
Lepidium divaricatum Aiton subsp. linoides (Thunb.) Thell.
*Lepidium bonariense L. W,C,E,S
Lepidium inyangense Jonsell E
Lepidium africanum (Burm. f.) DC. var. aethiopicum (Hiern) Thell.
2884.000 CORONOPUS Zinn 
*Coronopus didymus (L.) Sm. W,C,E
Lepidium didymum L.
Senebiera didyma (L.) Pers.
Coronopus integrifolius (DC.) Spreng. N,E
Senebiera integrifolia DC.
2917.000 SISYMBRIUM L. 
*Sisymbrium orientale L. W,C,E
*Carrichtera annua (L.) DC. C
2944.000 ERUCA Mill. 
*Eruca vesicaria (L.) Cav.
*subsp. sativa (Mill.) Thell. C,E
Eruca sativa Mill.
2945.000 SINAPIS L. 
*Sinapis arvensis L. C,E
2947.000 ERUCASTRUM (DC.) C. Presl 
*Erucastrum arabicum Fisch. & C.A. Mey.
* var. arabicum W
2949.000 BRASSICA L. 
*Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. N,C,E
Sinapis juncea L.
*Brassica rapa L. N,E
2950.000 RAPHANUS L. 
*Raphanus raphanistrum L. C,E
*Raphanus sativus L. C,E
2956.000 RAPISTRUM Crantz 
Rapistrum rugosum (L.) All. C
2965.000 RORIPPA Scop. 
Rorippa cryptantha (A. Rich.) Robyns & Boutique N
Rorippa fluviatilis (E. Mey. ex Sond.) R.A. Dyer W,S
Nasturtium fluviatile E. Mey. ex Sond.
Rorippa micrantha (Roth) Jonsell N,S
Nasturtium brachypus Webb
Nasturtium indicum auct. non (L.) DC.
Nasturtium nilolicum Boiss.
Rorippa indica auct.
Rorippa madagascariensis auct.
Sisymbrium micranthum Roth
*Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (L.) Hayek N,W,C,E
Nasturtium officinale R. Br.
Rorippa nudiuscula (E. Mey. ex Sond.) Thell.
subsp. serrata (Burtt Davy) Exell W,C,E,S
Nasturtium elongatum E. Mey. ex Burtt Davy var. serratum Burtt Davy
2966.000 CARDAMINE L. 
Cardamine africana L. E
*Cardamine flexuosa With. N,C,E
2986.000 CAPSELLA Medik. 
*Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. N,W,C,E
Thlaspi bursa-pastoris L.
3013.000 LOBULARIA Desv. 
*Lobularia maritima (L.) Desv. C

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-21

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2021). Flora of Zimbabwe: Checklist: Brassicaceae]., retrieved 20 October 2021

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