Paspalum urvillei Steud.

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Records of this taxon from Zimbabwe are shown in the table below. Cases where the taxon is native, naturalised, possibly planted or definitely planted are all listed.

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Record number No of images Record date Recorder(s) Coll. Det. Conf. Herbaria Habitat Location Loc code(s) Outing code Planted code Country QDS Grid ref. FZ Div Alt. (m) Notes Lat Long Loc Acc Code
116332022 Feb 2022MA Hyde
D Wakeling
MA Hyde
In marshy area11, Lyndhurst Road, Monavale10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1471-17.80411331.0189567
115207018 Apr 2021MA Hyde
MA Hyde
By stream8, Princes Close, Borrowdale10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1532-17.75631331.0953457
11422301 Nov 2020MA Hyde
MA Hyde
By path by lakeLa Rochelle, Penhalonga740Zimbabwe1832D3 E1205-18.90673732.6926397
11237505 Mar 2020MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
Wooded garden12, Kew Drive, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1527-17.79795631.0909487
10752804 Jan 2020MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Marshy groundTomlinson Drive, Gunhill10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1516-17.79210431.0802427
100149010 Feb 2019MA Hyde
A Masterson
MA Hyde
In vleiKomani vlei0Zimbabwe1730D2 C1477-17.70102830.9862257
94948025 Mar 2018MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Partially disturbed groundBy railway line, Kambuzuma, Harare10Zimbabwe1730D4 C1446-17.86486430.9837197
59040015 May 2014MA Hyde
MA Hyde
Edge of streamBy golf course, Elephant Hills Resort, Vic Falls0Zimbabwe1725D4 W900-17.90828025.8323407
3749704 Jan 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Disturbed open areaHillside above Freshwater Rd, Vumba63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2 E1410-19.09618032.7618207
3741203 Jan 2012MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Grassy area at edge of lakeLake, La Rochelle740Zimbabwe1832D3 E1190-18.90641032.6922407
37873027 Dec 2011MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
Open disturbed areaZona Tea Estates, near Mt Selinda0Zimbabwe2032B3 E850-20.43365032.7352607
31906018 Dec 2010MA Hyde
BT Wursten
P Ballings
In tussocky bogChakoma, NE of Harare720Zimbabwe1731C1 C1450-17.69707031.1903400
19037020 May 2007MA Hyde
In damp grasslandMeikles estate, Borrowdale10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR985364C15200
1523207 Jan 2007MA Hyde
BT Wursten
RoadsideBy rd up towards Chinziwa37,63,1560Zimbabwe1932B1 VP709909E16800
1533907 Jan 2007MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Grassy roadside vergeBy main Vumba rd63,1560Zimbabwe1932B1 VP715906E16100
2087305 Nov 2006MA Hyde
In grassy disturbed area9, Dulverton Drive, Glen Lorne10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR044384C14300
6391017 Jun 2006MA Hyde
StreamsideGold Dust Township, Mazvikadei260Zimbabwe1730A2 TR240917N12000
5329015 Jan 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Stream nr dam edgeKutsaga170Zimbabwe1731C3 UR007177C14700
1834307 Jan 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
RoadsideVumba rd near Mountain Lodge63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2 VP787856E15200
197205 Jun 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In scrubby vegetationGreystone Park NR1,180Zimbabwe1731C1 UR015373C14800
2851014 Feb 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Grassy roadside vergeRoad, Nyanga, S of Claremont kiosk1550Zimbabwe1832B3 VQ669723E19100
2863014 Feb 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Grassy roadside vergeIn area of Nyakupinga bridge, by Juliasdale / Mutare rd0Zimbabwe1832B3 VQ683623E16100
132901 Feb 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
River valleyUmvumvumvu River gorge470Zimbabwe1932D1 VP616408E8700
1643031 Jan 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
By riverNyamakari River bridge, Burma Valley630Zimbabwe1932B2 VP772781E7000
2054031 Jan 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Roadside at forest edgeEssex Rd, Vumba63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2 VP752914E12400
2400031 Jan 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Grassy roadside vergeBy main Vumba rd63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2 VP747868E1710Very common all along by the Vumba rd for c.2 kms to the east0
186012 Jan 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Grassy vleiHaka game reserve1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR038289C15700
485906 Nov 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
GrasslandOn Common nr Teviotdale Rd1,80Zimbabwe1731C3 TR954344C15000
133135 Nov 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In moist grasslandCleveland Dam, Harare1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR036266C15300
4712025 Oct 2003MA Hyde
In exotic woodlandHillside Park1,380Zimbabwe1731C3 TR965268C14900
14836031 Jan 2000MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
Near a streamNr Odzi River, Mapor Estate, Odzi130Zimbabwe1932A2 VP38-94-E9100
78028 Jan 2000MA Hyde
M Silva-Jones
A MacNaughtan
By riverZimati Estate0Zimbabwe1832C1 VQ095405C13200
77022 May 1999MA Hyde
Roadside ditchStratford Drive, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C1 TR993374C14900
1906508 Aug 1997MA Hyde
In mud by streamTikwiri Rd, nr Rusape, Makoni District0Zimbabwe1832C1 VQ095405C13200
76017 May 1996MA Hyde
RB Drummond
By streamHatfield, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR950237C1460-17.86790031.0649806
30331017 May 1996MA Hyde
RB Drummond
Near streamHatfield, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR950238C14600
1759909 Apr 1988MA Hyde
Marshy areaGreengrove Bird Sanctuary10Zimbabwe1731C3 UR018278C00
1759805 Dec 1987MA Hyde
By streamHarare Drive, Ardbennie10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR891219C00
17597031 Oct 1987MA Hyde
By Latimer Rd, just N of the Bird Sanctuary10Zimbabwe1731C3 UR019280C00
17596024 Oct 1987MA Hyde
Amongst Typha leaves by riverMukuvisi River, nr Paget Rd/ Inyanga Crescent1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR966260C00
17595027 Sep 1987MA Hyde
Ditch By Faber Rd, Mabelreign10Zimbabwe1730D4 TR865330C00
17594014 Jun 1987MA Hyde
In ditchGlenara Avenue North10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR977290C00
1759306 Jun 1987MA Hyde
Dry groundCnr Luna Rd/ Delissa Drive10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR048415C00
17592024 May 1987MA Hyde
Edge of riverMarimba River10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR881283C00
17591022 Jun 1986MA Hyde
DitchAlongside Cranborne Avenue10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR951233C00
1758507 Jun 1986MA Hyde
Edge of lake shoreCleveland Dam1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR038267C00
1759001 Jun 1986MA Hyde
In river valleyMandara River10Zimbabwe1731C3 UR042328C00
17589017 May 1986MA Hyde
Damp ditchSherwood Golf Course10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR883315C00
17588010 May 1986MA Hyde
On apparently dry roadsideBlatherwick Avenue / Ford Rd10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR975254C00
1758603 May 1986MA Hyde
In polluted ditchCnr Eltham Rd/ Willowvale Rd10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR891228C00
1758703 May 1986MA Hyde
In polluted ditchBy Willowvale Rd10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR891228C00
17584022 Mar 1986MA Hyde
Below Cleveland Dam wall1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR034264C00
17583023 Feb 1986MA Hyde
Dry situationOutside Protea's offices, Kelvin Rd South, Graniteside10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR940244C00
1758208 Dec 1985MA Hyde
Cnr Foxley Drive/ Glen Helen Way10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR046370C00
1758107 Dec 1985MA Hyde
Alongside hangar, Warren Hills Gliding Club10Zimbabwe1730D4 TR845293C00
17580029 Nov 1985MA Hyde
Edge of ditchNr Harry Margolis Hall10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR911299C00
17579010 Nov 1985MA Hyde
Edge of pondBotanic Gardens, Harare1,210Zimbabwe1731C3 TR939314C00
1757809 Nov 1985MA Hyde
Edge of damBallantyne Park1,2280Zimbabwe1731C3 TR986345C00
17577010 Feb 1984MA Hyde
Stratford Drive10Zimbabwe1731C1 TR993374C00

Total records found: 59

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-22

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2022). Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Records of: Paspalum urvillei., retrieved 1 July 2022

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