Rotheca wildii (Moldenke) R. Fern.

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Records of this taxon from Zimbabwe are shown in the table below. Cases where the taxon is native, naturalised, possibly planted or definitely planted are all listed.

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Record number No of images Record date Recorder(s) Coll. Det. Conf. Herbaria Habitat Location Loc code(s) Outing code Planted code Country QDS Grid ref. FZ Div Alt. (m) Notes Lat Long Loc Acc Code
122589029 Aug 2023MA Hyde
T Alegria
J Van Bel
MA Hyde
In woodlandBotanic Garden, Harare1,212Zimbabwe1731C3 C1524-17.79830431.0546217
117720025 Sep 2022MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
Miombo woodland regrowth on ironstone hillTree Society Arboretum, Lake Chivero110Zimbabwe1730D4 C1375Shrub c. 4m tall; flowers blue; mostly finished.-17.88590530.7691457
116337022 Feb 2022MA Hyde
D Wakeling
MA Hyde
Small rocky hill in garden11, Lyndhurst Road, Monavale10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1471-17.80439131.0174996
103551010 May 2019M Coates Palgrave
C Sharp
D Drummond
M Coates Palgrave
Valley between two granite kopjesRocky Glen Ranch, West Nicholson0Zimbabwe2129B4 S785-21.28112829.7551637
99430023 Dec 2018MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Amongst large boulders with ColeochloaOn first plateau, Ngomakurira, Chinhamora CL360Zimbabwe1731C1 C1505-17.55642031.2372877
90879027 Jan 2018MA Hyde
T Alegria
MA Hyde
In shady woodland near Blatherwick bridgeMukuvisi Woodland, Harare1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C1500-17.85076931.0921717
90822021 Jan 2018MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
M Coates Palgrave
Sandy miombo woodland among rocksMbizi Game Park0Zimbabwe1731C3 C1471-17.96329831.1338597
77226025 Feb 2017MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
T Alegria
MA Hyde
In rocky miombo woodland25, Trafalgar Avenue, Sentosa, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1500-17.78924531.0116717
72477027 Mar 2016MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
In rocky miombo woodlandChriston Bank70Zimbabwe1731C1 C1350-17.58850131.0104137
67436226 Sep 2015MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
Miombo woodland with scattered rocksHaka Game Park1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 C1540-17.83114031.1556707
62909018 Jan 2015MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
P Ballings
In Brachystegia boehmii woodlandSouthern Cross Farm, Chegutu0Zimbabwe1830A1 C1170-18.11149030.2048707
62661025 Oct 2014M Coates Palgrave
C Sharp
M Coates Palgrave
M Coates Palgrave

Granite KopjesMatobo Hills, Besna Kobila570Zimbabwe2028B3 W1480-20.43770028.7461337
57367016 Feb 2014MA Hyde
TM Müller
Open woodland, poss. small termite moundNear main house, Canonkopje Crane and Game Sanctuary0Zimbabwe1730B1 N1270-17.19810030.6073107
51469014 May 2013MA Hyde
DB Hartung
T Alegria
Among rocks in sandy miombo woodlandSE corner of Mukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C1490-17.84954031.0959107
32384017 Jan 2010MA Hyde
BT Wursten
M Coates Palgrave
Miombo woodlandHaslemere Lane, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 C1420-17.71442031.1897707
21197012 Aug 2008MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Open miombo woodlandMukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C1500-17.84900031.0915000
19120020 Jan 2008MA Hyde
On rocky areaJust to S of Mukuvisi River, Mukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR979257C14900
21390016 Sep 2007MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
On a termite moundChriston Bank70Zimbabwe1731C1 TR886545C13500
16123015 Apr 2007MA Hyde
M Coates Palgrave
Open rocky woodlandHaka Game Park, Cleveland Dam1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR045278C15600
20856016 Jan 2006MA Hyde
Mid part of dam wallGreystone Park Nature Reserve1,180Zimbabwe1731C1 UR016372C14800
5315015 Jan 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In sandy miombo woodlandKutsaga, nr Dam170Zimbabwe1731C3 UR010175C14700
8491718 Jan 2006MA Hyde
BT Wursten
BT Wursten
Open woodland on low rocky ridgeBetween Hot Springs Resort and Odzi River310Zimbabwe1932C2 E580-19.64814032.4655306
4201026 Nov 2005MA Hyde
In woodland on low rocky hill in gardenTrafalgar Ave, Sentosa, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3 TR893324C14800
4542020 Nov 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Miombo woodland on hill slopeGardiner, Arcturus0Zimbabwe1731C4 UR173283C15000
3234018 Sep 2005MA Hyde
In rocky miombo woodlandRuzawi School, nr Marondera0Zimbabwe1831B1 UQ462827C16200
272804 Sep 2005MA Hyde
BT Wursten
In open woodlandHaslemere Lane, Umwinsidale10Zimbabwe1731C1 UR080408C14100
303615 Nov 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
Open sandy areaCleveland Dam, Harare1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR037266C15400
3035226 Sep 2004MA Hyde
BT Wursten
On low rocky hillCleveland Dam, Harare1,30Zimbabwe1731C3 UR039268C1540-17.84071031.1492406
4309026 Oct 2002MA Hyde
Rocky area in sandy woodlandNr carpark, Henry Hallam Dam490Zimbabwe1731C3 TR991107C14900
22914028 Oct 1989MA Hyde
Nr toilet, Mukuvisi Woodland1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 TR977257C0In fruit0
1057430 1967WBG Jacobsen
Woodland on rocky hillside with copper containing soilsMolly South Hill, Mangula, Lomagundi District0Zimbabwe1630C3 N1200Listed by Jacobsen in Kirkia 6(1): 63-84, 1967.-16.89345030.1165806
229790No dateMukuvisi Woodlands1,20Zimbabwe1731C3 C0Checklist 10
308890No date0Zimbabwe1628B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
308900No date0Zimbabwe1628D2 0Tree Society mapping record0
308910No date0Zimbabwe1631C3 0Tree Society mapping record0
308920No date0Zimbabwe1727C3 0Tree Society mapping record0
308930No date0Zimbabwe1730A2 0Tree Society mapping record0
308940No date0Zimbabwe1730A4 0Tree Society mapping record0
308950No date0Zimbabwe1730B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
308960No date0Zimbabwe1730B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
308970No date0Zimbabwe1730B3 0Tree Society mapping record0
308980No date0Zimbabwe1730B4 0Tree Society mapping record0
308990No date0Zimbabwe1730C3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309000No date0Zimbabwe1730D1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309010No date0Zimbabwe1730D2 0Tree Society mapping record0
309020No date0Zimbabwe1730D3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309030No date0Zimbabwe1730D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
309040No date0Zimbabwe1731A1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309050No date0Zimbabwe1731A2 0Tree Society mapping record0
309060No date0Zimbabwe1731A3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309070No date0Zimbabwe1731C1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309080No date0Zimbabwe1731C2 0Tree Society mapping record0
309090No date0Zimbabwe1731C3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309100No date0Zimbabwe1731C4 0Tree Society mapping record0
309110No date0Zimbabwe1731D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
309120No date0Zimbabwe1732C3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309130No date0Zimbabwe1732D1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309140No date0Zimbabwe1732D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
309150No date0Zimbabwe1828B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
309160No date0Zimbabwe1828D3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309170No date0Zimbabwe1828D4 0Tree Society mapping record0
309180No date0Zimbabwe1829C1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309190No date0Zimbabwe1830A1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309200No date0Zimbabwe1830A2 0Tree Society mapping record0
309210No date0Zimbabwe1830B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309220No date0Zimbabwe1830B2 0Tree Society mapping record0
309230No date0Zimbabwe1831A1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309240No date0Zimbabwe1831A4 0Tree Society mapping record0
309250No date0Zimbabwe1831B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309260No date0Zimbabwe1831B3 0Tree Society mapping record0
309270No date0Zimbabwe1832A1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309280No date0Zimbabwe1832B1 0Tree Society mapping record0
309290No date0Zimbabwe1930A3 0Tree Society mapping record0

Total records found: 73

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2002-24

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Records of: Rotheca wildii., retrieved 26 February 2024

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