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This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are purely cultivated have been excluded.

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Craterocapsa tarsodes
Thulin, M. (1983) Campanulaceae Flora Zambesiaca 7(1)  
NamesFZ Divisions
8663.020 GUNILLAEA Thulin 
Gunillaea emirnensis (A. DC.) Thulin N,C,S
Gunillaea rhodesica (Adamson) Thulin N,W,S
Prismatocarpus rhodesicus Adamson
8668.000 WAHLENBERGIA Schrad. ex Roth 
Wahlenbergia abyssinica (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Thulin N,C,E,S
Lightfootia abyssinica Hochst. ex A. Rich.
Wahlenbergia androsacea A. DC. N,C,E,S
Wahlenbergia arenaria DC.
Wahlenbergia banksiana A. DC. W,C,E,S
Wahlenbergia mashonica N.E. Br.
Wahlenbergia rhodesiana S. Moore
Wahlenbergia saginoides S. Moore
Wahlenbergia capillacea (L.f.) A. DC.
subsp. tenuior (Engl.) Thulin E
Campanula capillacea L.f.
Wahlenbergia aberdarica T.C.E.Fr.
Wahlenbergia kilimandscharica Engl.
Wahlenbergia capitata (Baker) Thulin N,C,E
Li glomerata Engl. var. capitata (Baker) Lambinon
Lightfootia bequaertii De Wild. & Ledoux
Lightfootia capitata Baker
Lightfootia elegans Gilli
Lightfootia glomerata Engl. var. subspicata Engl.
Wahlenbergia denticulata (Burch.) A. DC. N,W,C,E,S
Lightfootia denticulata (Burch.) Sond.
Lightfootia tenuifolia A. DC.
Wahlenbergia erecta (Roth ex Roem. & Schult.) Tuyn N,W,C,E
Dentella erecta Roth ex Roem. & Schult.
Wahlenbergia hirsuta (Edgew.) Tuyn N,C
Cephalostigma erectum (Roth ex Roem. & Schult.) Vatke
Cephalostigma hirsutum Edgew.
Cephalostigma perotifolium (Wight & Arn.) Hutch. & Dalz.
Lightfootia hirsuta (Edgew.) E. Wimmer ex Hepper
Wahlenbergia madagascariensis A. DC. E,S
Wahlenbergia hilsenbergii A. DC.
Wahlenbergia oppositifolia A. DC.
Wahlenbergia napiformis (A. DC.) Thulin N,W,C,E,S
Lightfootia abyssinica Hochst. ex A. Rich. var. glaberrima Engl.
Lightfootia abyssinica Hochst. ex A. Rich. var. cinerea Engl. & Gilg
Lightfootia camapestris Engl.
Lightfootia glomerata Engl.
Lightfootia graminicola Scott
Lightfootia marginata A. DC.
Lightfootia marginata A. DC. var. lucens Lambinon
Lightfootia napiformis A. DC.
Wahlenbergia paludicola Thulin C
Lightfootia abyssinica (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Thulin var. tenuis sensu Hepper
Lightfootia gracillima R. E. Fries
Wahlenbergia ramosissima (Hemsl.) Thulin
subsp. lateralis (Brehmer) Thulin W
Wahlenbergia subaphylla (Baker) Thulin
subsp. scoparia (Wild) Thulin [NrEnd] E
Lightfootia scoparia Wild.
Wahlenbergia undulata (L.f.) A. DC. N,W,C,E,S
Campanula undulata L. f.
Wahlenbergia bojeri A. DC.
Wahlenbergia caledonica Sond.
Wahlenbergia caledonica Sond. var. cyanea (Engl. & Gilg) von Brehmer
Wahlenbergia cyanea Engl. & Gilg
Wahlenbergia dinteri von Brehmer
Wahlenbergia oatesii Rolfe
Wahlenbergia scoparia von Brehmer
Wahlenbergia virgata Engl. N,W,C,E
Wahlenbergia recurvata Brehmer
Wahlenbergia sparticula Chiov.
Wahlenbergia subnuda Conrath
8668.010 CRATEROCAPSA Hilliard & B.L. Burtt 
Craterocapsa tarsodes Hilliard & B.L. Burtt E
Wahlenbergia montana A. DC. var. glabrata Sond.
8681.000 CYPHIA P.J. Bergius 
Cyphia alba N.E. Br. [End] [DD]E
Cyphia mazoensis S. Moore N,C,E,S
Cyphia rivularis E. Wimmer
Cyphia reducta E. Wimm. C
8694.000 LOBELIA L. 
Lobelia adnexa E. Wimm. N
Lobelia angolensis Engl. & Diels N,W,C
Lobelia depressa L. f.
Lobelia multidentata Engl. & Gilg
Lobelia baumannii Engl. E
Lobelia chireensis A. Rich. W
Lobelia cobaltica S. Moore [NrEnd] [LR-nt]E
Lobelia longipilosa E. Wimmer
Lobelia erinus L. N,W,C,E,S
Lobelia filiformis Lam.
Lobelia jugosa S. Moore
Lobelia nuda Hemsl.
Lobelia polyodon E. Wimm.
Lobelia wildii E. Wimm.
Lobelia fervens Thunb.
subsp. fervens E
Lobelia asperulata Klotzsch
Lobelia humilis Klotzsch
Lobelia madagascariensis Roem. & Schult.
Lobelia mearnsii De Wild.
Lobelia odontoptera Schltr.
Lobelia petersiana Klotzsch
Lobelia pterocaulon Klotzsch
Lobelia subulata Klotzsch
Lobelia fervens Thunb.
subsp. recurvata (E. Wimm.) Thulin S
Lobelia flaccida (C. Presl) A. DC.
subsp. mossiana (R.D. Good) Thulin E,S
Lobelia goetzei Diels C,E
Lobelia intercedens (E. Wimm.) Thulin N
Lobelia kirkii R.E. Fr. W,S
Lobelia lobata E. Wimm. [End] [VU]W
Lobelia molleri Henriq. E
Lobelia stricklandiae Gilliland [VU]E
Lobelia thermalis Thunb. W,C,S
Parastranthus thermalis (Thunb.) A. DC.
Lobelia welwitschii Engl. & Diels C,E,S
8695.000 MONOPSIS Salisb. 
Monopsis decipiens (Sond.) Thulin N,W,C,E,S
Lobelia breynii Lam. var. bragae Engl.
Lobelia decipiens Sond.
Lobelia dobrowskyoides Diels
Monopsis scabra sensu E. Wimmer
Monopsis zeyheri (Sond.) Thulin N,W,C,E,S
Lobelia fonticola Engl. & Gilg
Lobelia zeyheri Sond.

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2022). Flora of Zimbabwe: Checklist: Campanulaceae]., retrieved 25 May 2022

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