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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
81330Chlorophytum andongense9 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3995 CS Bjora I Nordal Collections on rocky hills of broken quartz in disturbed miombo. Choma District; 45 km N along Namwala-Choma Roads from intersection of Choma-Namwala and Choma-Lusaka Roads, then W (ca. 1.2 km N of Ngonga stream) 2.4 km on road to Macha Mission (Sikweshina) in Mulundeka Hills. 0Zambia1626B4S1230

Rare; in wetter, deeper soil; from thickened roots; in fruit; base of leaves white; fruit green; fruit stalk to 2.5 m tall.

81331Chlorophytum andongense8 Mar 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 1076 CS Bjora I Nordal Secondary hill miombo soil type. Silted rocks-sandy combination.Choma District; 43.8 km from Choma along Choma-Namwala Road, just adjacent to Ngonga River, Simubara-Marundu Hills. 0Zambia1626B4S1100

Locally occasional in woodland. Fruits green.

81332Chlorophytum brachystachyum18 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 1937 I Nordal In seasonally inundated area on deep alluvial soils.Kasanka National Park, Luwombwa River. 990Zambia1230C1C1170

Locally abundant herb from fleshy sometimes swollen roots; lower part of stem white; leaves green; tepals white; anthers yellow.

81333Chlorophytum brachystachyum2 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3950 CS Bjora I Nordal At base of Chilamalila Hill in grazed thorn scrub with large boulders and rocky soils. Gwembe District; 19.1 km W of intersection of road to Sinazongwe and Choma-Maamba Road; then S then E 6.2 km on road towards Sialwala Primary School; also Maamba Waterworks. 0Zambia1727A4S450

Rosette herb; rarely in flowers; wavy leaf margin; fruit warty, light green.

81335Chlorophytum colubrinum9 Dec 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2247 I Nordal At bridge over Katutwa River, in dambo on both sides of the road. Deep black soils. Mporokoso District; along Mporokoso-Kasama Road, 33.5 km ESE of intersection of Mporokoso-Nsama-Kasama Roads N of Mporokoso. 0Zambia0930A4N1470

Occasional herb from thickened base; lower scale leaves spotted red att base; petals white; bracts black-brown; anthers yellow; young fruits green.

81336Chlorophytum colubrinum8 Dec 1993MC Merello
MC Merello 1002 I Nordal Disturbed miombo woodland.Kaputa District; Mweru Wantipa National Park, along main road through park (D-37) 8 km north of the southern park gate. 940Zambia0829C4N1100

Perennial from small, white bulb and tuberous white roots; base of plant blood red, horizontal streaking; stigma, style, filaments and tepals white, anthers yellow; grows among rocks.

81337Chlorophytum colubrinum30 Nov 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 65 I Nordal Miombo woodland with some human disturbance.Mbala District; Mpulungu Protected Forest Area. 17.3 km northwest of Mbala-Tanzania road intersection with road to Kalambo Falls. 31.7 km from intersection at Sunga village. 1250Zambia0831C2N840

A half meter tall plant with white petals. Trilocular fruit.

81339Chlorophytum floribundum23 Feb 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 975 CS Bjora I Nordal In secondary miombo and mushitu forestLivingstone District; 13 km NE from the road junction, 26.1 km from Livingstone along Livingstone-Lusaka Road. 0Zambia1726C2S1140

Herb to 0.4 m, common in the mushitu forest understory. Leaves green and shiny. Fruits green.

81340Chlorophytum gallabatense16 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 1898 I Nordal Collections in small mushitu forest and mixed miombo with large termite mounds. Kasanka National Park, ca. 1 km E of Musande Tent Camp.990Zambia1230C1C1260

Locally abundant herb of miombo and Mushitu; tepals green; anthers yellow; some roots with water storage swellings.

81342Chlorophytum galpinii var. matabelense17 Mar 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 638 I Nordal B Luwiika Local ForestGwembe-Munyumbwe District; Collecting in Munyumbwe Local Forest No. 187, 4.9 km from the junction of the Gwembe-Chipepo Road. 0Zambia1627D2S570

Rare in rocky wet area. Leaves light green, brown sheath; flowers white to creamy; fruits tripodded, dark green.

81348Chlorophytum longifolium2 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3938 CS Bjora I Nordal Slightly disturbed woodland near recent village. Soil rocky quartz with steep ravine. Gwembe District; ca. 9.1 km NW of Sinazeze and Choma-Maamba intersection on road to Choma, collections from hill miombo vegetation type along deviation in road. 0Zambia1727C4S780

Occasional; on rocky slopes; leaves light green slight orange at base; young fruits green, root yellow.

81349Chlorophytum longifolium26 Feb 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 495 CS Bjora I Nordal B Luwiika Sinazongwe District; Collecting near Siazwela village, Chief Sinazongwe, 4.1 km from Maamba/Sinazongwe Road turning East at the Sinazeze Shopping Center. 0Zambia1727A2S640

Herb, 35 cm between rocks, arising from a hard rhizome. Leaves light green, smooth; fruits dark green.

81350Chlorophytum longifolium18 Feb 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2305 I Nordal On the escarpment and down valley to the Zambezi River. Mopane-Terminalia woodland with lithosol-cambisol soils. Livingstone District; Trust Land directly east of Mosi Oa Tunya National Park. Below Victoria Falls, along Sonqwe Gorge, 9.2 km east of the Lusaka-Livingstone Road.106,1200ZambiaS850

Herb; erect to 50 cm with flowering scape up to 1.0 m. Leaves blue-green glaucous. Flowers white, anthers bright yellow, slightly foetid odour. DNA sample.

81356Chlorophytum subpetiolatum25 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2121 I Nordal On rocks and in surrounding miombo woodland; rocky soils, Uapaca woodland.Chinsali District; Shiwa Ng'andu, Mansha River. Collections at Chusa Falls. 1170Zambia1131B1N1470

Occasional herb from swollen, fleshy roots; leaves light green edged in light orange-brown; petals, filaments and style white; anthers yellow.

81357Chlorophytum subpetiolatum1 Dec 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 85 I Nordal Miombo woodland in hilly topography. Mbala District; 24 km west of Mbala along Mbala-Mpulungu Road to Power Station Road (D549). By stream 6.2 km along road D549. 0Zambia0831C3N1320

White inflorescence.

110047Gladiolus decoratus8 Dec 2008TM Müller
J Timberlake
J Timberlake 5691 I Nordal BNRH
Palma district, Quissenge locality, Niunge zone, track E to coast, 40 km SSW of Palma.0Mozambique1140A2 N70

Herb to 80 cm. Corm pale brown, scaly, lots of small bulbils near base. Young plants growing from bulbils. Leaves thin, flattened. Flowers large, vermilion-red with yellow markings on throat. Very local, roadside, woodland / dry forest margin, with P

82564Hypoxis angustifolia8 Mar 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 1031 CS Bjora I Nordal Undifferentiated Miombo-Combretum woodland. Brown Kalahari sands. Choma District; 40.9 km from Choma along Choma-Namwala Road. 0Zambia1626B4S1120

Occasional in marshy areas. Leaves green with white hairs. Flowers yellow. Corolla greenish yellow on the underside.

82749Ledebouria revoluta21 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2051 CS Bjora I Nordal Collections in grasslands along stream. Rocky soils, quartz sand and basalt outcrops. Kanona District; Kundalila Falls Picnic Area ca. 13 km S of Serenje-Mpika Hwy. at Kanona. 1210Zambia1330B1C1570

Frequent herb from fleshy bulb; leaves green with deep purple spots; inflorescence stalk green with purple spots; tepals green at base, purple at tip; anthers deep purple.

108352Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus30 Nov 2008JE Burrows
DJ Goyder
JE Burrows 10878 I Nordal K
Quiterajo Beach, north of the Village.0Mozambique1140C2 N5

Geophyte on dunes near sea, forming a small colony of ca. 10 plants; in light shade of coastal woodland, among trees. Flowers red.

83995Trachyandra arvensis5 Mar 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2465 I Nordal In Miombo-Terminalia woodland and adjacent dambo areas. Disturbed by cattle grazing and charcoal production. Vertisol soils. Namwala District; Ila National Forest. 11.0 km west of Namwala along motorable dirt track. 0ZambiaS950

Herb; 80 cm, erect from fleshy roots. Stems slightly glaucous. Flowers yellow-green to yellow, tepals reflexed. Common in sandy, grassy areas.


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