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The following is a list of the collections made by Le Roux in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zimbabwe (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
95042 Adansonia digitata1 Apr 1959PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 9 JWH Giess WIND
Caprivi: Near Andara.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

Notes: Afrikaans: 'Kremetart'.

95052 Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. kirkiana2 Dec 1969PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 1046 WIND
Stony hill. Common.: Kavango. Andara Camp.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

30 cm high. Fruit a berry.

93236 Ficus fischeri1 Jul 1959PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 371 PRE
Caprivi: 15 miles west of Bwabwata, Caprivi.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1722D3 0

60 ft high; Parasite; Notes: Occurring as a parasite on leadwood (Combretum imberbe), milky latex, fruit half and inch in diameter

95177 Friesodielsia obovata2 Dec 1969PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 1063 WIND
Caprivi: Andara Camp 250 ft. East Kavango.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

6 ft high; Shrub; Notes: Just in stony hill.Diameter, breast high ' Yellow like orchid. Common in stony hills.

95233 Lycium shawii16 Nov 1958PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 214 WIND
Okavango, Rundu District: Okavango.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

Notes: Kwangali name: Iragura. Grows as a shrub with many shoots, 6 - foot tall. Grows in sand at termite mounds. Flowers white, trumpet-shaped. Sap not milky. No hairs on leaves or stem. Leaves astipulate. Altitude 1000 m.

95256 Ochna cinnabarina2 Dec 1969PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 1065 WIND
Okavango, Rundu District: Andara camp: In sand ground.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

5 ft high; Shrub; Notes: Shrub. Flower colour: red calyx leaves; grey black flower base. Fruit: black. Frequency: rare. Height: 5 feet.

93258 Parinari curatellifoliaNo datePJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 375 DJ Vuuren WIND
Caprivi: Bwabwata.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1722D30

50 ft high; Tree; Notes: Tree 50 feet high. Bark black, rough. Crown round. Flowers small.

95285 Phoenix reclinata27 Jan 1959PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 258 B de Winter WIND
Caprivi: Andara Camp. Okavango Native Territory.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

Tree; Notes: 'Date palm'. Tree 15 - 18 feet high. Common. Carries fleshy edible berries.

95297 Pseudolachnostylis maprouneifolia var. dekindtii1 Jul 1959PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 367 DJ Vuuren WIND
Caprivi: Andara.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

30 ft high; Tree; Notes: Grows in sandy soil as tree 30 feet high. Seen sparsely. Easlily recognised of red leaves during winter. Fruit hard, round. In sandy soil.

95298 Psydrax livida1 Dec 1969PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 1041 WIND
Caprivi: Andara Camp. Next to river.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

5 ft high; Shrub; Notes: Shrub 5 feet high. Flowers small, green. Not very common.

95343 Terminalia brachystemma subsp. brachystemma28 Jan 1959PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 290 MM Hochobes WIND
Caprivi: Andara: East. Okavango.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

10 ft high; Tree; Notes: Grow as small tree 10 feet high in sandy ground. Very common. Flowers yellow; Fruit flat peal with one seed. Juice not milky. No haires on leaves or stems.

95351 Triumfetta angolensis1 Mar 1958PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 109 JWH Giess WIND
Okavango, Rundu District: Okavango Native Territory: Andara Mission Station.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

9 ft high; Notes: 9 feet high.

95371 Ziziphus mucronata2 Dec 1969PJ Le Roux
PJ Le Roux 1066 WIND
Okavango, Rundu District: Mayara, 18 miles west of Andara.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

30 ft high; Tree; Notes: Sandy soil. Tree, 30 foot tall. D.B.H. 10 inches. Small yellow flowers with 5 calyx lobes. 5 stamens on receptacle. Fruit a berry. Common. Used for firewood.


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