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The following is a list of the collections made by James (Jim) Chapman in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zimbabwe (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
73929 Brillantaisia cicatricosa9 Sep 1988JD Chapman
EG Chapman
JD Chapman EG Chapman 9271 SRGH
Forest plant abundant under light shadeAbove Chisambo Tea Estate, along Muluzi stream, Mt Mulanje Massif1790Malawi1635B1S1320

Robust soft-wooded shrub to 3m tall. Flowering stems with terminal showy inflorescences of purple flowers.

52546 Christella friesii8 Jul 1961JD Chapman
JD Chapman 1418 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Common in gallery forest of Syzigium cordatum, Cussonia spicata, Apodytes dimidiata, Myrica sp., etc. at the nursery at Chongoni forestry schoolChongoni forestry school, Dedza0Zimbabwe1732C4E0

113667 Crocosmia aurea subsp. aurea3 May 1961JD Chapman
JD Chapman 1248 MAL
Ntchisi Forest2130Malawi1334A3 C0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Volume 12 part 4: 50, 1993.

69059 Diclis ovata12 May 1981JD Chapman
H Patel
JD Chapman H Patel 5788 BR
In a shady place below an overhangChinzama Forest Reserve, on the path up to the hut, from the stream, Mt Mulanje1790Malawi1535D3S0

Delicate little herb with white flowers, several together.

69060 Diclis ovata8 Jul 1982JD Chapman
H Patel
EJ Tawakali
JD Chapman H Patel EJ Tawakali 6274 BR
Under rock overhangSoutheastern aspect above the boma, Chiradzulu Mt Forest Reserve0Malawi1535C1S1650

Locally abundant prostrate creeping herb the flowers white with a spur.

98699 Hippocratea goetzei30 Sep 1961JD Chapman
JD Chapman 1472 SRGH
Climbing on riverside trees.Along Mlunguzi River, near Trout Ponds, Zomba Plateau. 2030Malawi1535A4 S0

Woody climber; opposite leaves, no latex. Flowers abundant; corolla green.

97604 Hypericum revolutumNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 722a Mt Chongoni Forest, Dedza District0Malawi1434A4C0

Cited in Evergreen Forest Flora of Malawi, 2001: 287

84334 Laportea mooreana5 Mar 1982JD Chapman
EJ Tawakali
JD Chapman EJ Tawakali 6116 PRJ Bamps BR
Firmly rooted half way down a stone retaining wall.Mlungusi Bridge on the Old Naisi Road, c. 2 minutes from the Herbarium, Zomba0Malawi1535A4S1000

Robust erect growing herb to 1.25 m tall. Lower part of stem with coffee-coloured streaks flecked with small white lenticel-like marks. The stem higher up and and the petioles densely beset with succulent white prickle-shaped emergencies (the petioles less so). Leaves with scattered stinging hairs causing the lower surface to appear pitted.

97610 Maesa lanceolataNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 27 Mugesse, Misuku Hills2140Malawi0933D1N0

Cited in Evergreen Forest Flora of Malawi, 2001: 406

97626 Nuxia floribundaNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 1666 SRGH
Kawandama, Viphya Escarpment0Malawi1233B2N1900

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 7 part 1: 352 (1983).

97627 Nuxia floribundaNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 229 Rocky summitKhunguruwe, Matipa, Misuku Hills, 2140Malawi0933C2N1900

Cited in Evergreen Forest Flora of Malawi, 2001: 342.

98233 (cultivated) Parochetus communis var. africanus (cultivated) Jul 1953JD Chapman
JD Chapman 182 BM
Nyika Forest, above Nchenachena.1800Malawi1034C3N1950

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 3 part 7: 37 (2003)

99974 Phyllanthus arvensis20 Nov 1981JD Chapman
EJ Tawakali
JD Chapman EJ Tawakali 5997 BR
On disturbed ground between road and stream where soils appears almost permanently moist.Chingwe's Hole, Zomba Plateau.2030Malawi1535A4S1800

Semi-woody plants to c. 30-40 cm, carpeting

97621 Pouteria adolfi-friedericii subsp. australis23 Mar 1963JD Chapman
JD Chapman 1826 SRGH
Ntchisi, Nkhotakota District.2130Malawi1334A3C1470

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 7 part 1: 218 (1983).

97618 Psidium cattleianum7 Nov 1961JD Chapman
JD Chapman 1452 SRGH
Zomba Plateau2030Malawi1535A4S0

In Fruit, naturalized

97543 Rhamnus prinoides5 May 1960JD Chapman
JD Chapman 716 SRGH
Chongoni Forest Reserve0Malawi1434A1C1800

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 2 part 2: 428 (1966).

97593 Senecio syringifoliusNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 6231 Chikala Hills0Malawi1535A2S0

Cited in Evergreen Forest Flora of Malawi, 1990: 207.

102154 Solanecio manniiNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 135 Mugesse Forest Reserve, Misuku Hills.2140Malawi0933D1N1850

Cited in Evergreen Forest Flora of Malawi: 206 (2001).

100880 Stephania abyssinica var. abyssinica Aug 1954JD Chapman
JD Chapman 323 BM
Matipa Forest Reserve, Misuku Hills.2140Malawi0933C2N1890

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Volume 1 part 1: 171, 1960

98030 Xymalos monosporaNo dateJD Chapman
JD Chapman 234 Matipa, Misuku Hills2140Malawi0933C2N0

Cited in Evergreen Forest Flora of Malawi:379 (2001).


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