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The following is a list of the collections made by Rawdon Goodier in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zimbabwe (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
25460 Aeollanthus viscosus19 Apr 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 41 SRGH
Rocky slopesAbove Bundi Plain, Chimanimani330Zimbabwe1933C3 E1580

Labiateous woody herb, 15 inches high. Leaves and young stems greyish, very sticky, with glandular hairs and heavily lemon-scented. Corolla almost white, slightly translucent.

5467 Alepidea amatymbica29 Dec 1959R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 332 SRGH
In open places along the Bundi on schistBasin of Bundi headwaters north of upper bundi plain, Chimanimani Mts330Zimbabwe E1680

Robust herb; leaves lettuce-like in colour and texture. Flowers pale.

62066 Aneilema johnstonii22 Nov 1957R Goodier
R Goodier 404 RB Faden SRGH
Rengwe River Valley, S.W. Urungwe0Zimbabwe1729A1N0

Herb, yellow flowered monocot

67924 Aristolochia albida21 Aug 1959R Goodier
R Goodier 590 SRGH
Near Rukomechi, Zambezi Valley, Hurungwe District.590Zimbabwe1629A2N510

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Volume 9 part 2: 22, 1997

21773 Asclepias fimbriata29 Dec 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 198 SRGH
Slopes of Point 71, Chimanimani Mts330Zimbabwe1933C3 E2200

21774 Asclepias graminifolia29 Dec 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 199 SRGH
Slopes of Point 71, Chimanimani Mts330Zimbabwe1933C3 E2200

21775 Asclepias graminifolia29 Dec 1959R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 337 SRGH
Bundi headwaters, upper Bundi plain, Chimanimani Mts330Zimbabwe1933C3 E1700

21025 Barleria ameliae11 Feb 1960R Goodier
R Goodier 878 SRGH
In Acacia woodlandNr Rupisi, Chipinga District0Zimbabwe2032A4E0

Woody perennial about 16 inches tall. Leaves opposite, ovate. Flowers axillary, campanulate, yellow, with exserted stamens. Calyx sharp-tipped. Small sharp spines in axils.

21212 Crossandra spinescens16 Apr 1958R Goodier
R Goodier 561 SRGH
In Pterocarpus stevensonii - Commiphora thicket on sandAbout 2 miles west of the Rekomitjie Mission, Zambezi Valley (Chirundu area).0Zimbabwe1629A2N525

Woody perennial. Flowers red.

35679 Disa saxicola Mar 1957R Goodier
R Goodier 174 SRGH
Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3 E0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 11 part 1: 186 (1995)

49569 Elaphoglossum aubertii14 Feb 1960R Goodier
R Goodier 904 SRGH
In kloof forest near hutChimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

35108 Helichrysum africanum23 Feb 1957R Goodier
R Goodier 163 SRGH
Very rocky summit"Uncontoured peak", Chimanimani Mts330Zimbabwe1933C1 E2285

35318 Helichrysum lepidissimum9 Jun 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 71 SRGH
Pavement areas below summitWestern ascent Mt Inyangani46,54,1550Zimbabwe1832B4E2560

28606 Helichrysum moorei23 Feb 1957R Goodier
R Goodier 169 SRGH
On rocky summitUncontoured peak, Chimanimani Mts0Zimbabwe1933C3 E2290

Herb, flowers composite. Growing in clumps, common.

77289 Hippocratea indica25 Mar 1956R Goodier
R Goodier 65 R Goodier SRGH
From thicket, associated with Pteleopsis.By roadside about 8 miles South of Chirundu, Urungwe District.0Zimbabwe1628B2N450

Shrub,many branched; bark grey; leaves broadly oblanceolate, narrowed at both ends, serrate, opposite, apiculate. Flowers small and yellow, in axillary cymes.

22637 Huperzia gnidioides23 Feb 1957R Goodier
R Goodier 170 SRGH
Chimanimani Mts, summit of 'uncontoured peak'0ZimbabweE0

40240 Hymenophyllum kuhnii14 Feb 1960R Goodier
R Goodier 907 SRGH
Filmy fern in kloof forest, on mossy boulder by streamIn kloof forest near hut, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

36050 Jasminum multipartitum18 Nov 1959R Goodier
R Goodier 650 K
Sabi-Tanganda Estate, Chipinga District0Zimbabwe2032A2E0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 7 part 1: 313 (1983)

52864 Lepisorus excavatus14 Feb 1960R Goodier
R Goodier 893 SRGH
In Brachystegia spiciformis woodland; in shade of rocks.Mt. hut, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

Fern similar to 892 but rhizome more 'succulent and sori fewer and larger, light brown and half way between midrib and adge of frond.

22676 Lycopodiella caroliniana31 Dec 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 229 SRGH
Quartzite grasslandChimanimani Mts., E-side of upper Bundi plain330Zimbabwe1933C3E1615

35036 Mohria lepigera14 Feb 1960R Goodier
R Goodier 896 SRGH
Near hut. Chimanimani mountains, Chimanimani330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

52007 Ophioglossum vulgatum subsp. africanum26 Oct 1959R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 280 SRGH
By stream in schist grassland. Bank covered by Pteridium and RubusBundi Plain, Chimanimani Mts. 330Zimbabwe1933C3E1620


22797 Pavetta cataractarum8 Jan 1958R Goodier
R Goodier 541 BR
By river.By Zambezi River, 2 miles upstream from Chirundu.0Zimbabwe1628B2N380

Low shrub. Bark grey. Leaves opp., stipulate, fairly large and ovate. Flowers many in large 'heads'. Rubiaceae.

[Altitude and QDS extracted from 1:50,000 maps by MAH].

53208 Pityrogramma argentea29 Dec 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 197 SRGH
Broken quartzite pavement with grassy glades between; Cracks of rocks, occasional.Close to summit of point 71, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E2430

Small fern, silvery yellow on undersurface of fronds

22580 Sticherus umbraculiferus14 Feb 1960R Goodier
R Goodier 908 SRGH
By boulders near stream on schist grasslandChimanimani Mts., Bundi Valley0Zimbabwe1933C3E0

27659 Todea barbara19 Apr 1957R Goodier
JB Phipps
R Goodier JB Phipps 39 SRGH
Chimanimani, stream leading down to Bundi0Zimbabwe1933C3E1555


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