Literature: Schrire, B.D. (2012)

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Schrire, B.D. (2012)Papilionoideae-IndigofereaeFlora Zambesiaca 3(4) 1-245707

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 104
Cyamopsis senegalensis
Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (cultivated)
Indigastrum costatum subsp. macrum
Indigastrum parviflorum subsp. parviflorum var. crispidulum
Indigastrum parviflorum subsp. parviflorum var. parviflorum
Indigofera adenoides
Indigofera antunesiana
Indigofera arenophila
Indigofera arrecta
Indigofera astragalina
Indigofera atriceps subsp. atriceps
Indigofera bainesii
Indigofera brachynema
Indigofera cecilii
Indigofera charlieriana subsp. charlieriana var. charlieriana
Indigofera charlieriana subsp. charlieriana var. lata
Indigofera charlieriana subsp. sessilis var. scaberrima
Indigofera charlieriana subsp. sessilis var. sessilis
Indigofera chimanimaniensis
Indigofera circinella
Indigofera circinnata
Indigofera colutea
Indigofera cryptantha var. cryptantha
Indigofera daleoides var. daleoides
Indigofera demissa
Indigofera dendroides
Indigofera dimidiata
Indigofera dissitiflora var. major
Indigofera dyeri var. dyeri
Indigofera dyeri var. major
Indigofera dyeri var. parviflora
Indigofera emarginella var. emarginella
Indigofera erythrogramma subsp. lanceolata
Indigofera eylesiana
Indigofera fanshawei
Indigofera filipes
Indigofera flavicans
Indigofera fulvopilosa
Indigofera gairdnerae
Indigofera garckeana
Indigofera glaucifolia subsp. rhodesiaca
Indigofera goetzei
Indigofera griseoides subsp. griseoides
Indigofera hedyantha subsp. inyangana
Indigofera hendecaphylla
Indigofera heterotricha subsp. heterotricha
Indigofera heterotricha subsp. pechuelii
Indigofera hewittii
Indigofera hilaris
Indigofera hirsuta var. hirsuta
Indigofera holubii
Indigofera ingrata
Indigofera inhambanensis
Indigofera livingstoniana
Indigofera longipedicellata
Indigofera lupatana
Indigofera lyallii subsp. lyallii
Indigofera lyallii subsp. nyassica
Indigofera melanadenia
Indigofera microcarpa
Indigofera milne-redheadii
Indigofera mimosoides var. mimosoides
Indigofera monantha
Indigofera nummulariifolia
Indigofera ormocarpoides
Indigofera oxalidea
Indigofera paniculata subsp. gazensis
Indigofera patula subsp. patula
Indigofera praticola var. praticola
Indigofera pseudodyeri
Indigofera rhynchocarpa var. rhynchocarpa
Indigofera rhytidocarpa var. rubrosiliqua
Indigofera rhytidocarpa var. rhytidocarpa
Indigofera sanguinea
Indigofera schimperi var. baukeana
Indigofera schimperi var. schimperi
Indigofera sebungweensis
Indigofera serpentinicola
Indigofera setiflora var. corbyi
Indigofera setiflora var. setiflora
Indigofera sordida
Indigofera soutpansbergensis
Indigofera spicata
Indigofera streyana
Indigofera strobilifera subsp. strobilifera
Indigofera subcorymbosa var. subcorymbosa
Indigofera subulata var. scabra
Indigofera subulata var. subulata
Indigofera subulifera var. subulifera
Indigofera swaziensis var. perplexa
Indigofera tinctoria var. arcuata
Indigofera vicioides subsp. excelsa
Indigofera vicioides subsp. rogersii
Indigofera vicioides subsp. vicioides
Indigofera viscidissima subsp. viscidissima
Indigofera wentzeliana
Indigofera wildiana
Indigofera zenkeri
Microcharis angolensis
Microcharis annua
Microcharis galpinii
Microcharis latifolia
Microcharis remotiflora
Microcharis welwitschii

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