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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
CaprifoliaceaeAbelia × grandiflora (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeAcrocarpus fraxinifolius (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeBauhinia variegata var. variegata (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeCaesalpinia ferrea (cultivated) (planted)Swan Drive, opposite Hellenic School entranceRecord
RutaceaeCalodendrum capense (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
RutaceaeCasimiroa edulis (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Malvaceae subfamily BombacoideaeCeiba speciosa (cultivated) De Villiers Road, Alexandra ParkRecord
SolanaceaeCestrum aurantiacum (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeDelonix regia (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
ConvolvulaceaeDichondra micrantha 10, Fal Road, Record
DracaenaceaeDracaena steudneri (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
RosaceaeEriobotrya japonica (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia pulcherrima (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
MoraceaeFicus elastica (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
ProteaceaeGrevillea robusta (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
RubiaceaeHymenodictyon floribundum (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
PittosporaceaeHymenosporum flavum (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Vainona, HarareRecord
BignoniaceaeJacaranda mimosifolia (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
VerbenaceaeLantana camara 10, Fal Road, Record
Fabaceae subfamily MimosoideaeLeucaena leucocephala (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
MyrtaceaeLophostemon confertus (cultivated) (planted)Fal Road, Record
Apocynaceae subfamily PeriplocoideaeMondia whitei 10, Fal Road, Record
BignoniaceaePandorea jasminoides (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
LauraceaePersea americana (planted)10, Fal Road, Vainona, HarareRecord
ArecaceaePhoenix reclinata (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaePlumeria rubra (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
RosaceaePrunus cerasoides (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
AnacardiaceaeSchinus terebinthifolius (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeSchotia brachypetala (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
PoaceaeSetaria homonyma 10, Fal Road, Record
SolanaceaeSolanum seaforthianum 10, Fal Road, Record
BignoniaceaeSpathodea campanulata subsp. nilotica (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
MyrtaceaeSyzygium guineense subsp. barotsense (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
AsteraceaeTagetes minuta 10, Fal Road, Record
ArecaceaeTrachycarpus fortunei (cultivated) (planted)10, Fal Road, Record
MeliaceaeTrichilia dregeana (planted)10, Fal Road, Record

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