Collections made by Stephen Mavi

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The following is a list of the collections made by Stephen Mavi in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zimbabwe (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
48908 Adiantum poiretii22 May 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 771 SRGH
Dry river bedWedza Mountain600Zimbabwe1831D1C0

108211 Antizoma angustifolia29 Jan 1974S Mavi
S Mavi 1497 SRGH
Grassland in disturbed woodland.Figtree Trial no. 2, c. 12 km S.E. of Figtree on Matopos road.0Zimbabwe2028A4W1340

24508 Arthropteris orientalis9 Feb 1993S Mavi
M Mahlunge
S Mavi M Mahlunge 55 SRGH
Mukuvisi riverbank, loam soilHarare, Queensdale, Mukuvisi woodland10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

40615 Barleria spinulosa subsp. spinulosa20 Feb 1996S Mavi
S Mavi 1977 SRGH

106628 Chlorophytum blepharophyllum subsp. blepharophyllum6 Dec 1968S Mavi
S Mavi 780 SRGH
University College Grounds, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Small herb. Peta;swhite; stamens white; anthers yellow

106554 Cucumis anguria var. anguria28 Apr 1979S Mavi
S Mavi 1544 SRGH
Weed in cultivated landSeki African township, c. 30 km S of Salisbury0Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Fruit green, turning yellow when ripe

49540 Elaphoglossum acrostichoides16 Nov 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 676 SRGH
Among rocks near riverMartin Forest Reserve, Chimanimani Mountain0Zimbabwe1932D4E0

22398 Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum4 Feb 1974S Mavi
S Mavi 1538 SRGH
Wet locality on stream bank, climbing on treesUmzingwane, 10 km from Essex vale on Bulawayo Rd.0Zimbabwe0

99807 Eriosema psoraleoides18 Apr 1965S Mavi
S Mavi 1 SRGH
In cultivated landWarren Hills10Zimbabwe1730D4C1480

Small herb growing in cultivated land

48832 Euphorbia pfeilii20 Mar 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 271 S Carter SRGH
On sandy banks of a river.Ishilatshokwe River, c. 18 miles West of Beitbridge, c. half a mile North of Limpopo.0Zimbabwe2229B2S480

77302 Hippocratea indica28 Aug 1970S Mavi
S Mavi 1122 SRGH
In Riverine forestChobe River, Chobe National Park, Kasane.0Botswana1725C3N950

Climbing bush

73962 Holubia saccata17 Mar 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 226 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On sandy soil.Beitbridge town near bridge0Zimbabwe2229B2S435

Small herb; flowers cream.

34737 Hygrophila didynama30 Jun 1970S Mavi
S Mavi 1086 BR
On rocks on river bankRothwell Farm, Hunyani River0Zimbabwe1730C4N0

Herb ± 4 inches high. Flowers light purple blue. Very common on this locality.

60879 Impatiens cecilii subsp. cecilii17 Nov 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 679 SRGH
On fallsMartin Forest Reserve,Chimanimani.0Zimbabwe1932D2E1285

Herb with pink flowers

68971 Kedrostis foetidissima4 Mar 1970S Mavi
S Mavi 1079 SRGH

Climbing herb. Fruit orange.

114353 Kedrostis leloja3 Feb 1969S Mavi
S Mavi 908 SRGH
National Botanic Garden, Harare1,210Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Creeper growing on a Pavetta; leaves hairy, green. Fruits red when ripe.

52845 Lepisorus excavatus7 Nov 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 486 SRGH
Thick forest by stream, very wet, growing on tree.Banti forest reserve0Zimbabwe1932B4E0

22714 Lycopodiella cernua7 Nov 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 487 SRGH
Tree trunk in thick wet forestBanti forest0Zimbabwe1932B4E0

42469 Marsilea ephippiocarpa21 May 1971S Mavi
S Mavi 1235 SRGH
Dry pan near dam Chenyati dam, Kyle National Park750Zimbabwe2031A1S0

52800 Microgramma mauritiana7 Jan 1969S Mavi
S Mavi 794 SRGH
Climbing up a bushHaroni river, Chimanimani district.520Zimbabwe2033A1E0

52815 Microsorum punctatum7 Jan 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 805 SRGH
Fern growing in tree about 15 feet from the ground.Haroni river, Chimanimani district.0Zimbabwe2033A1E0

106547 Pachycarpus concolor subsp. concolor30 Oct 1968S Mavi
S Mavi 771 SRGH
In burnt grassland with Ipomoea, Gnidia sp.Borrowdale10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Petals yellowish-green to brown; sepals greenish yellow

34825 Peperomia blanda var. leptostachya3 Mar 1970S Mavi
S Mavi 1056 MA Diniz SRGH
Slopes of the range among rocksNyoni Range, Chibi, c. 60 miles South of Fort Victoria (Masvingo) 0Zimbabwe2030D4S0

Herb c. 8" high; inflorescence green; stems reddish-brown; leaves shiny green

34826 Peperomia blanda var. leptostachya6 Aug 1973S Mavi
S Mavi 1476 MA Diniz SRGH
Muhizu Kraal, c. 8 km North of Tanganda Tea Estate, Chipinge0Zimbabwe2032A2E0

Procumbent herb; succulent; whole plant yellow green

74461 Petalidium aromaticum var. aromaticum26 May 1971S Mavi
S Mavi 1253 SRGH
Chipinda Pools, Gonarezhou National Park.1600Zimbabwe2131B4 S320

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 5:158 (2013).

52871 Pleopeltis macrocarpa21 May 1968S Mavi
S Mavi 766 SRGH
On log in dry thick forestWedza Mountain600Zimbabwe1831D1C0

52883 Pleopeltis macrocarpa8 Nov 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 542 SRGH
On dry logBanti Forest Reserve0Zimbabwe1932D4E0

18129 Polygala krumanina8 Jan 1974S Mavi
S Mavi 1503 SRGH
Granite soil in open woodlandFort Rixon, Insiza District0Zimbabwe2029A2W1413

Flowers purple/yellow

18130 Polygala krumanina8 Jan 1974S Mavi
S Mavi 1503 SRGH
Granite soil in open woodlandFort Rixon, Insiza District 0Zimbabwe2029A2W1413

22045 Pyrenacantha kaurabassana25 Oct 1982S Mavi
S Mavi 1813 SRGH
Nyamhasa River, ± 0.5 km from its confluence with Ruenya River, Mudzi District.0Zimbabwe1732B4 N0

Tuberous climbing herb.

60474 Salacia kraussii2 Jun 1971S Mavi
S Mavi 1285 SRGH
Malugwe Pan, Nuanetsi District1600Zimbabwe2131D2S420

Small bush, to 3 feet high. No fruits, no flowers. [The lat/long and hence the GPS, were taken from a website ( and may well be approximate. (MAH)]

69006 Salacia leptoclada6 Aug 1973S Mavi
S Mavi 1452 SRGH
Muhumbi Kraal, c. 14 East of Sabi Experimental Station, Chipinga.0Zimbabwe2032B1 E0

Small tree c. 2 m, evergreen

42080 Selaginella kraussiana8 Nov 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 546 SRGH
Mtn. Top, under shade of thick forest Banti forest reserve0Zimbabwe1932B4E0

53890 Synsepalum chimanimani22 Apr 1973S Mavi
S Mavi 1437 SRGH
In forestHaroni-Makurupini Forest0Zimbabwe2033A1 E0

Small shrub to c. 2 m;
Cited in Flora Zambesiaca 7(1): 217 (1983)

108215 Thesium brevibarbatum16 Aug 1968S Mavi
S Mavi 768 SRGH
Borrowdale, Harare District10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

This record cited in FZ 9(3), p. 232

27906 Thunbergia schimbensis3 Jan 1970S Mavi
S Mavi 1304 KB Vollesen BR
On wet vleiMarange T.T.L.0Zimbabwe1932A4E0

Ruellia. Herb with white flowers.

36384 Verbena aristigera12 Dec 1968S Mavi
S Mavi 790 SRGH
Industrial site, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 8 part 7: 16 (2005)

106615 Vigna monophylla6 Dec 1968S Mavi
S Mavi 778 SRGH
University Grounds, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Tuberous herb. Cream flowers.


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