Collections made by Larry Leach

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The following is a list of the collections made by Larry Leach in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zimbabwe (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
48854 Adiantum incisum19 Feb 1973LC Leach
O West
LC Leach O West 14988 SRGH
Dolomite cliff ridgeSheepridge farm about 5 miles North of Lion's Den, Lomagundi district0Zimbabwe1730A3N0

48872 Adiantum incisum10 Jul 1966LC Leach
EJ Bullock
LC Leach EJ Bullock 13319 SRGH
On earthbank in woodland shadeAnnene (?) mission, Belingwe district0Zimbabwe2029B4S0

48873 Adiantum incisum11 Nov 1966LC Leach
EJ Bullock
LC Leach EJ Bullock 13570 SRGH
Amongst rocks, steep heavily wooded kloof, granite kopje1 mile N of Rhino Hotel, Lundi River, Chibi district0Zimbabwe2030D4S0

115060 Aerva lanata15 Aug 1971LC Leach
JA Whellan
LC Leach JA Whellan 14812 SRGH
Little Malosa River near foot of Mt Mulanje.0Malawi1635B1S830

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 9, part 1 (1988).

108665 Asparagus africanus var. puberulus22 Nov 1960NC Chase
LC Leach
LC Leach 10514 D Sebsebe BNRH
Mount Spungabera. (Espungabera).0Mozambique2032B4MS0

Open grassland.

74484 Basilicum polystachyon3 Jul 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 11164 SRGH
On banks of dry water courseGanderowe Falls, Sanyati River, c. 27 miles NW of Copper Queen0Zimbabwe1729A3N705

Erect herb. Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 8:159 (2013)

73933 Brillantaisia cicatricosa26 Jul 1962LC Leach
EACLE Schelpe
LC Leach EACLE Schelpe 11470 SRGH
Forest fringe by stream.West face Namuli Peaks860Mozambique1537A3Z1525

Erect herb to 6'. Flowers bright mauve (pale violet).

73919 Brillantaisia pubescens12 Jul 1969LC Leach
IC Cannell
LC Leach IC Cannell 14324 KB Vollesen SRGH
In shade on forest floor.c. 2 miles SW of Maringue, Sofala.0Mozambique1734C4 MS200

Erect herb up to 2' high; flowers mauve.

118813 Cleome macrophylla var. maculatiflora22 May 1960LC Leach
LC Leach 9963 SRGH
28 miles N from Borrowdale Stores.0Zimbabwe0

The location on the specimen, namely ’28 miles N from Borrowdale Stores’ appears inconsistent with 'Borrowdale, Salisbury' since this position would place the collection near Glendale considerably to the north of the city. Because of this uncertainty, I have not supplied any further location details.

25510 Cynanchum gerrardii subsp. gerrardii24 Mar 1969HM Biegel
LC Leach
GV Pope
HM Biegel LC Leach GV Pope 14238 On steep, tall-wooded limestone slope above farm-houseWhindale Ranch, Mangula0ZimbabweN910

Leafless green-twigged climber forming a dense mass of branches ± 7 feet above ground. Flowers whitish.

116025 Dipcadi marlothii22 Apr 1958LC Leach
LC Leach 8244 SRGH
Greendale, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Cited in a draft account for Flora Zambesiaca of the Hyacinthaceae.

36082 Euphorbia malevola18 Jul 1959LC Leach
LC Leach 9220 SRGH
Mermaid's Pool0Zimbabwe1731C2 C0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 9 part 5: 421 (2001)

36084 Euphorbia malevola Nov 1956LC Leach
LC Leach 5116 SRGH
Hippo Pools, near Runde (Lundi) River bridge, Chivi District0Zimbabwe2030D3 S0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 9 part 5: 421 (2001)

36085 Euphorbia malevola23 Jul 1959LC Leach
LC Leach 9239 SRGH
14.5 km West of Mutoko0Zimbabwe1732A3 N0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 9 part 5: 421 (2001)

48830 Euphorbia pfeilii26 Feb 1967LC Leach
LC Leach 13649 S Carter SRGH
Mtetengwe River, 17 miles North of Beitbridge0Zimbabwe2229B2S485

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 9 part 5:367(2001)

25640 Euphorbia rowlandii10 Jul 1964LC Leach
HH Mockford
DC Mockford
LC Leach HH Mockford DC Mockford 12286 SRGH
Steep sides of deep gorge through sandstone hillsPesu River Gorge, Chiredzi District, ± 4 miles north of Limpopo River, ± 12 miles west of S.R. Border.0Zimbabwe S300

Shrubby plants

69894 Euphorbia transvaalensis28 Jan 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 10715 LC Leach SRGH
c. 8 km West of Moodie's Pass, Bikita District0Zimbabwe1931D3S1030

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 9 part 5: 378, 2001

21810 Glossostelma ceciliae Dec 1955LC Leach
LC Leach 5955 SRGH
Victoria Distr., Glenlivet0Zimbabwe2031A1S0

22512 Gomphocarpus glaucophyllus11 May 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 11273 SRGH
Umvukwe Distr., E of Imshe Mine0ZimbabweN0

90755 Habenaria disparilis8 Jan 1958LC Leach
LC Leach 4235 SRGH
Greendale, Harare District10Zimbabwe1731C3 C1450

74120 Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. transvaalense10 Jan 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 10682 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH

Prostrate semi-succulent; corolla lobes mauve, inside of tube cream

35319 Helichrysum lepidissimum26 May 1957LC Leach
LC Leach 9035 SRGH
Chimanimani Plateau330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

73943 Holubia saccata21 Apr 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 10795 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
10 miles North of Beitbridge0Zimbabwe2229B2S555

Herb erect to prostrate. Flowers pale yellow. Fruits 4-winged.

74150 Indigofera hilaris Sep 1963LC Leach
TM Müller
LC Leach TM Müller 1172 SRGH
Birkdale Mine road, Mvurwi District.0Zimbabwe1630D4N1415

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 3 part 4:218 (2012).

73900 Kleinia fulgens24 Apr 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 10803 AR Torre SRGH
17 miles North of Lundi River on Harare - Beitbridge road.0Zimbabwe2030D1S960

Flowers bright scarlet. Flowering in cultivation.

73902 Kleinia fulgens7 Jun 1965LC Leach
EJ Bullock
LC Leach EJ Bullock 12882 AR Torre SRGH
Among rocks in tree shade on slopes of mountainMberengwa Mtn, Belingwe0Zimbabwe2029D2S1370

73869 Kleinia Apr 1956LC Leach
LC Leach 7165 SRGH
In partial shade in sandveld4 miles from Mashaba (Mashava), Mashingo Province.0Zimbabwe2030A2S1000

Large potato-like root. Flowering in cultivation 6-5-1957

73881 Kleinia Apr 1956LC Leach
LC Leach 7176 SRGH
In sandveldNear Mashaba (Mashava), Masvingo Province0Zimbabwe2030A2S1050

Deciduous root larger but similar to K. fulgens. Flowers deep orange.

22704 Lycopodiella cernua7 May 1963LC Leach
LC Leach 11660 SRGH
Erect on streambankMasvingo, Oatlands farm near Zimbabwe0ZimbabweS0

53214 Pityrogramma argentea7 Jun 1965LC Leach
LC Leach 12888 SRGH
In crevives of banded ironstone rocks.Mt. Emberengwa, Belingwe district.0Zimbabwe2029D2S1524

Delicate fern with backs of fronds bright yellow.

53061 Pleopeltis polypodioides subsp. ecklonii11 Nov 1966LC Leach
LC Leach 13572 SRGH
Epiphyte on tree trunk in heavily wooded granite kopjeKloof +/- 1 mile N. of Rhino Hotel, Lundi River, Chibi district0Zimbabwe2030D4S0

74166 Sesamum calycinum subsp. pseudoangolense15 Feb 1973LC Leach
O West
LC Leach O West 14985 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In grassland at forest fringe.Dolonite Cliffs ridge on Sheepridge Farm, about 5 miles North of Lion's Den, Lomagundi District.0Zimbabwe1730A1 N1140

Sesamum 4 feet 6 inches high.

84208 Xerophyta equisetoides var. pubescens19 Nov 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 11283 Near Tsatsi River about 14 miles N. of Concession.0Zambia0

Plants about 2' f high. Flowers very pale mauve. In partial shade on granite rocks.


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