The following is a list of the locations in Zimbabwe at which a lot of the work on this site has been done. By including these details in the database, it is possible also to link to the location from each of the records found at these locations.

Some locations are of national importance; many are interesting sites near to either Harare or the Vumba.

This page displays a map showing the position of the locations.

LocationDivisionCountryQDSAltitude range
Aberfoyle Lodge and Eastern Highlands Tea EstateEZimbabwe1832B4700 - 1100 m
Ballantyne Park, HarareCZimbabwe1731C3
Besna KobilaWZimbabwe2028B3, 2028B41220 - 1540 m
Blue Kerry Retirement Village, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31530 m
Borrowdale Common, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31500 m
Bridal Veil Falls, ChimanimaniEZimbabwe1932D4c. 1520 m
BulawayoWZimbabwe2028A2 and 2028B1c. 1200 - 1450 m
Bunga Forest, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B21320 - 1720 m
Bunga Views, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B21550 - 1725 m
Castle BeaconEZimbabwe1932B1c. 1700 - 1911 m
Castleburn Forest and Cliffs, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B21520 - 1620 m
Cecil Kop, MutareEZimbabwe1832D31335 - 1630 m
Chakoma vleiCZimbabwe1731C11450-1470 m
Chesa forest ReserveWZimbabwe1928C3, 1928C4 & 2028A21250 - 1350 m
Chilo Gorge Safari LodgeEZimbabwe2132A2180 - 210 m
Chimanimani Mountains National ParkEZimbabweMostly 1933C31100 - 2436 m
ChinakaEZimbabwe1832B31800 - 2000 m
ChinyakwarembaEZimbabwe1932B2c.1600 - 1720 m
Chinziwa, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B11630 - 1810 m
Chirinda ForestEZimbabwe2032B31100 - 1240 m
Chizarira National ParkNZimbabwe1727D2 and many more
Christon BankCZimbabwe1731C11200 - 1400 m
Cleveland Dam, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31530 - 1570 m
Cloudlands Forest, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B11610 - c. 1700 m
Dandaro Retirement Village, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31524-1532 m
Dichwe Lemon ForestNZimbabwe1630C3 and/or 1730A1c. 1150 m
DomboshawaCZimbabwe1731C11560 - 1650m
Eastern Highlands Research Initiative: Nyanga areaEZimbabweAbove 1500 m in the west, 1200 m in the east
Eastern Highlands Research Initiative: Vumba areaEZimbabweAbove 1200 m
Ewanrigg Botanical GardenCZimbabwe1731C2
Ferny Creek, ShurugwiCZimbabwe
Globe Rock, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B21370 - 1450 m
Gonarezhou National ParkSZimbabwe
Gorges Lodge, Dibu Dibu Community, Victoria FallsWZimbabwe1725D4 & 1825C3 870 - 895 m
Gosho ParkCZimbabwe1831B11620 - 1670 m
Great ZimbabweSZimbabwe2030B41100 - 1200 m
Greenwood Park, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31498-1507 m
Greystone Nature Preserve, HarareCZimbabwe1731C1c.1470 m
HarareCZimbabwe1731C1 and 1731C31470 - 1570 m
Harava (formerly Henry Hallam) DamCZimbabwe1731C31440 - 1490 m
Haroni-Rusitu areaEZimbabwe2032B2 and 2033A1330 - 370 m
Hillside Dams, BulawayoWZimbabwe2028B1c. 1400 m
Hillside Park, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31480 - 1490 m
Hippo Pools, Umfurudzi Safari AreaNZimbabwe1731B2
Hippo Valley Wildlife ReserveSZimbabwe2131B2
Hot SpringsEZimbabwe1932C2570 - 600 m
Hwange National ParkWZimbabwemanyc. 950 - 1100m
Jamanda Wilderness AreaEZimbabwe2132A2200 -360 m
John Meikle Forestry ReserveEZimbabwe1832D21400-1700
Katiyo Tea EstateEZimbabwe1832B4,1833A3550 - 700 m (approx)
Kazuma Pan National ParkWZimbabwe1825B3 and others
Khami Ruins, BulawayoWZimbabwe2028A2c. 1280 - 1350 m
Kutsaga, Tobacco Research BoardCZimbabwe1731C3c.1470 m
La Rochelle, Hotel and Botanic GardenEZimbabwe1832D31180 - 1260 m
Lake Chivero, near HarareCZimbabwe1730D41370 - 1400 m
Lake Kyle Recreational ParkSZimbabwe2030B2, 2031A1, 2031A31040 - 1330
Larmenier Village, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31515-1525 m
Leopard Rock Game Reserve, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B21050 - 1430 m
Mafungautsi (Mafungabusi) ForestNZimbabwe1828B3, 1828B4, 1829A3c. 1100 - 1300 m
Maleme Dam, Matobo National ParkWZimbabwe2028D1 (mostly)1250 - 1400 m
Malilangwe Wildlife ReserveSZimbabwePrimarily in 2131B2c.300 - 450 m
Mana Pools National Park (including the Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas)NZimbabweMany QDS lying between 15° 37' to 16° 25' S & 29° 08' to 30° 20' EMostly between 350 and 400m; up to 1,244m on the slopes of the Zambezi escarpment
Mapembe Nature ReserveEZimbabwe1932A21000-1380 (approx)
Mapor (Mapembi) EstateEZimbabwe1932A2900 - 1100 m
Marlborough Nursery, HarareCZimbabwe1730D4c. 1500 m
Matobo National ParkWZimbabwe
Matusadona National ParkNZimbabwe
Mavhuradonha Wilderness AreaNZimbabwe1630D2 and probably othersc. 1200 - 1700 m
Mavhuradonha Wilderness Eco-Lodge NZimbabwe1631A3c. 1100 m
Mawari Raphia Palm Botanical ReserveNZimbabwe1630D2
Mazvikadei Dam, nr BanketNZimbabwe1730A21170 -1200 m
Moir Close, Mandara, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31520 m
Monavale Vlei, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31470 m
Mt BuchwaSZimbabwe2030C2c.1000 - 1627 m
Mt Nyangani, NyangaEZimbabwe1832B4c. 2100 - 2592 m
Mt Rukotso, NyangaEZimbabwe1832B21900 - 2405 m
Mtoroshanga Pass, Great DykeNZimbabwe1730B1c.1520 m
Mukuvisi Woodland, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31470 - 1490 m
Murahwa's Hill, MutareEZimbabwe1832D31100 - 1300 m
National Botanic Garden, HarareCZimbabwe1731C3
Ndundu Lodge, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B21630-1670 m
Ngezi Recreational ParkCZimbabwe1830C21200 - 1300
NgomakuriraCZimbabwe1731C11400 - 1650
Nyanga National ParkEZimbabwe1800 -2592 m
Nyangombe (Inyangombe) Falls, NyangaEZimbabwe1832B3c. 1600 m
Odzani River BridgeEZimbabwe1832D31060-1080 m
Old Runde bridgeSZimbabwe2030D4560-695m
Outward Bound - Tessa's Pool, Chimanimani MtsEZimbabwe1932D4c. 1100
Pamuzinda Safari Lodge, SelousCZimbabwe1830A2c. 1200 m
Pokoteke GorgeSZimbabwe2031A11050 m in gorge; rising to over 1300 m on surrounding hills
Prince Edward School, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31490 m
RIFA Conservation CampNZimbabwe1628B2380-650 m
Ruwa Scout ParkCZimbabwe1731C31520 - 1530 m
Seldomseen, VumbaEZimbabwe1932B2
Shashe Wilderness Camp and the Tuli areaSZimbabwe2129C3c. 600 m
St George's College, HarareCZimbabwe1731C31500 - 1530 m
The Corner, Chimanimani MtsEZimbabwe1932D2c. 1200 - 1600
Thetford EstateCZimbabwe1731C11280 -1380 m
Tiger Kloof, MutareEZimbabwe1832D31210 m
Tingwa Raphia Palm Botanical ReserveNZimbabwe1630D2
Tshabalala Nature Reserve, BulawayoWZimbabwe2028B11380-1410m
Umfurudzi Game Park (Umfurudzi Safari Area)NZimbabwe1731B2, 1631D4670 - 1100 m
Umguza Nature Reserve, BulawayoWZimbabwe2028B11245 -1300m
Umvumvumvu BridgeEZimbabwe1932D1610
Umvumvumvu GorgeEZimbabwe1932D1c. 825 m
Val D'Or, ArcturusCZimbabwe1731C41520 - 1530 m
Victoria Falls ZimbabweWZimbabwe1725D4850 -900 m
Vumba area (and Burma Valley)EZimbabwe1932B1 and 1932B2
Vumba Botanic GardensEZimbabwe1932B2c. 1400 - 1600 m
Wedza MountainCZimbabwe1831D1
Zambezi National ParkWZimbabwe1725D3 and 1725D4850 - 950m
Zambezi Sands River LodgeWZimbabwe1725D3909

Number of locations: 112

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