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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
LamiaceaeAeollanthus subacaulis var. subacaulis KutsagaRecord (with image)
AmaranthaceaeAerva leucura KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeAfrocanthium lactescens KutsagaRecord
PoaceaeAlloteropsis semialata subsp. semialata KutsagaRecord
AsphodelaceaeAloe zebrina Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AnnonaceaeAnnona stenophylla subsp. nana Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
TectariaceaeArthropteris orientalis KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeAspilia pluriseta subsp. pluriseta Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AsteraceaeBidens bipinnata Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AmaryllidaceaeBoophone disticha KutsagaRecord
PoaceaeBrachiaria arrecta KutsagaRecord
PoaceaeBrachiaria serrata KutsagaRecord
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeCassia abbreviata KutsagaRecord
CapparaceaeCleome monophylla Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
CombretaceaeCombretum platypetalum subsp. oatesii Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
CucurbitaceaeCorallocarpus boehmii Kutsaga, HarareRecord (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeCrotalaria pallidicaulis KutsagaRecord
VitaceaeCyphostemma junceum KutsagaRecord
VitaceaeCyphostemma princeae KutsagaRecord (with image)
PedaliaceaeDicerocaryum senecioides KutsagaRecord
DioscoreaceaeDioscorea quartiniana KutsagaRecord (with image)
SapindaceaeDodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia KutsagaRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeDolichos kilimandscharicus subsp. kilimandscharicus KutsagaRecord
SalicaceaeDovyalis zeyheri KutsagaRecord (with image)
PoaceaeElionurus muticus KutsagaRecord
PoaceaeEragrostis capensis KutsagaRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeEriosema englerianum Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AsteraceaeEschenbachia ulmifolia Kutsaga, stream near the damRecord (with image)
OrchidaceaeEulophia streptopetala KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeFadogia ancylantha Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
ProteaceaeFaurea rochetiana KutsagaRecord
SalicaceaeFlacourtia indica KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaeGardenia ternifolia subsp. jovis-tonantis var. goetzei KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeGerbera ambigua KutsagaRecord
ColchicaceaeGloriosa superba Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
ThymelaeaceaeGnidia kraussiana var. kraussiana KutsagaRecord
AmaranthaceaeGomphrena celosioides KutsagaRecord
Malvaceae subfamily GrewioideaeGrewia flavescens var. flavescens KutsagaRecord (with image)
PoaceaeHarpachne schimperi KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeHelichrysum nudifolium var. nudifolium KutsagaRecord
LamiaceaeHoslundia opposita Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
ClusiaceaeHypericum lalandii Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeIndigofera setiflora var. setiflora Kutsaga Tobacco Research Centre, near Airport Harare.Record (with image)
AcanthaceaeJusticia phyllostachys KutsagaRecord
AmaranthaceaeKyphocarpa angustifolia KutsagaRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeLactuca inermis Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AnacardiaceaeLannea edulis var. edulis Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
VerbenaceaeLantana camara Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
CampanulaceaeLobelia erinus Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
CapparaceaeMaerua triphylla subsp. pubescens KutsagaRecord (with image)
PoaceaeMelinis nerviglumis Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AsteraceaeMikania sp. KutsagaRecord
DipterocarpaceaeMonotes glaber KutsagaRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeNidorella welwitschii Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
OchnaceaeOchna macrocalyx KutsagaRecord (with image)
AnacardiaceaeOzoroa reticulata Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
PoaceaePaspalum urvillei KutsagaRecord
RubiaceaePavetta gardeniifolia KutsagaRecord (with image)
RubiaceaePavetta schumanniana Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaePeltophorum africanum KutsagaRecord (with image)
PoaceaePerotis patens KutsagaRecord
UrticaceaePouzolzia mixta KutsagaRecord
ProteaceaeProtea gaguedi Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
ProteaceaeProtea welwitschii Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaePterocarpus rotundifolius subsp. rotundifolius Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeRauvolfia caffra KutsagaRecord
LamiaceaeRotheca myricoides KutsagaRecord
LamiaceaeRotheca wildii Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
OrchidaceaeSatyrium trinerve Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
DipsacaceaeScabiosa columbaria KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeSchkuhria pinnata KutsagaRecord
AnacardiaceaeSearsia kirkii Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
AnacardiaceaeSearsia tenuinervis KutsagaRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeSenecio hochstetteri KutsagaRecord
PoaceaeSetaria pumila KutsagaRecord
CaryophyllaceaeSilene burchellii var. angustifolia KutsagaRecord
VerbenaceaeStachytarpheta mutabilis (possibly planted)KutsagaRecord (with image)
LamiaceaeSyncolostemon bracteosus KutsagaRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeTephrosia dasyphylla subsp. dasyphylla Kutsaga Tobacco Research Station, HarareRecord (with image)
CombretaceaeTerminalia sericea KutsagaRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeTolpis capensis Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
TurneraceaeTricliceras longepedunculatum var. longepedunculatum Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
RubiaceaeVangueria randii subsp. randii KutsagaRecord (with image)
RubiaceaeVangueriopsis lanciflora KutsagaRecord
AsteraceaeVernonia glaberrima Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
LamiaceaeVolkameria eriophylla Kutsaga, nr DamRecord
Malvaceae: Byttnerioideae, Helicteroideae & SterculioideaeWaltheria indica KutsagaRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeZornia milneana KutsagaRecord

Number of records found: 88

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