Collections made by Blake Goldsmith

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The following is a list of the collections made by Blake Goldsmith in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zimbabwe (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
48944 Adiantum raddianum May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 58/67 SRGH
Growing under cool damp conditionsSwynnerton's spring, Chirinda Forest margin, Chipinga district60Zimbabwe2032B3E1097

Maidenhair fern, leaves fine, of delicate texture with thin shiny black rhachis

35009 Anthospermum vallicola Apr 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 22/68 SRGH
Mt Pene, South of Melsetter (Chimanimani)0Zimbabwe1932D4 E1735

24480 Arthropteris orientalis Apr 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 34/68 SRGH
Amongst shattered rock facesMt. Pene0Zimbabwe1932D4VN895906E1735

21786 Asclepias cucullata subsp. scabrifolia1 Nov 1970B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 31/70 SRGH
N slopes of Chiposhamapfumo Range, Tarka Forest Reserve, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe1932D4 E0

35933 Asplenium lobatum Sep 1972B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 34/72 SRGH
Deep shade near water Mermaids Grotto, Mubangazi river, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe1932D4VN868896E1300

35948 Asplenium mannii Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 29/67 SRGH
Epiphyte on fallen Craibia brevicaudata Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

36185 Asplenium rutifolium Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 28/67 SRGH
Epiphyte on fallen Craibia brevicaudata Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

40478 Barleria lugardii Feb 1956B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 45/56 SRGH
Gwampa Forest Reserve, Nkayi District 0Zimbabwe1928B2W1200

35340 Basananthe pseudostipulata Oct 1971B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 28/71 R Fernandes A Fernandes SRGH
East of Bunga Fire tower, Tarka Forest Reserve, Melsetter (Chimanimani)0Zimbabwe1932D4E1000

15556 Blechnum tabulare Jul 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 105/68 SRGH
Edge of large gwasha, quartzite soilChimanimani, Mt. Bunga, Tarka Forest Reserve0Zimbabwe1932D4VN95-93-E1370

22429 Blotiella natalensis Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6621 SRGH
Chimanimani, Haroni Makurupini forest520Zimbabwe2033A1E0

35398 Crassula alsinoides Nov 1962B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 224/62 SRGH
Gunguinyane Forest Reserve, Chipinge0Zimbabwe2032B3E1065

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 7 part 1: 18 (1983)

30188 Cyathea capensis Jun 1972B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 08/1972 SRGH
Cool shaded gwasha under large trees along watercourseChimanimani, Mt. Pene0Zimbabwe1932D4 E1700

30241 Cyathea thomsonii May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 57/67 SRGH
Growing in a cool moist placeChipinga, Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3 E1100

80458 Cynanchum umtalense Jan 1962B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 1/62 SRGH
Margin of forest.Chirinda Forest.60Zimbabwe2032B3E1200

Type specimen. Cited in A revision of Cynanchum (Liede, 1996: 341)

22555 Dicranopteris linearis Mar 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith Jun-68 SRGH
Common in damp spots on road vergesChimanimani, Tarka Forest reserve0Zimbabwe1932D4VN95-93-E1155

35384 Dictyophleba lucida Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6617 SRGH
Haroni/Makurupini Forest520Zimbabwe2033A1E400

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 7 part 2: 422 (1985)

53168 Diplazium nemorale May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 8/73 SRGH
On wet slope in rocks & dense shadeMuchira river bank, Chimanimani district0Zimbabwe2032B2E1600

25637 Elaeodendron croceum Nov 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 128/67 SRGH
Gully forest. Chiredza Gorge (Chpinge district) margin; tree at gorge top.0ZimbabweE980

Leaves thick, coriaceous, opposite to subopposite. Small white inconspicuous flowers.

49683 Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 10/73 SRGH
On quartside damp rock shade of large trees. Lithophutic fern in small short dense patches.Southern slope of Mount Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E1650

Old fertile leaves quite black on the underside; leaves very hairy, less than 15 cm long

35692 Erica pleiotricha Jun 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 80-68 SRGH
Under Philippia and AnthospermumMt Peni, Melsetter (Chimanimani)0Zimbabwe1932D4 E1775

22596 Gleichenia polypodioides Apr 1970B Goldsmith
Shady damp patch of gully forest on quartzitic sandstone soilChimanimani, Tarka Forest reserve0Zimbabwe1932D4VN95-93-E1500

34956 Haumaniastrum dissitifolium May 1966B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 60/67 SRGH
Open grassland near Msilinge RiverGungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga0Zimbabwe2032B3E915

35315 Helichrysum lepidissimum Jun 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 86/68 SRGH
Tarka Forest Reserve, lower slopes Mt Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E1525

74841 Helichrysum longiramum Jun 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 88/68 SRGH
On lower slopes Mt Peni, along eastern boundary Tarka Forest Reserve, Chimanimani.0Zimbabwe1932D4E1525

Fairly common patches up to 4' tall. Flowers yellow.

74831 Helichrysum rhodellum Jun 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 81/68 SRGH
On edge of Phillipia patch.Mt Peni, Glencoe Forest Reserve, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe1932D4 E1730

Solitary plant; leaves grey-white woolly hairy; flowers on slender erect stems in tight heads, red with yellow centres

90967 Hippocratea parviflora Feb 1955B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 75/55 SRGH
Gwampa Forest Reserve,Shangani District0Zimbabwe1928B2W1237

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 2 part 2:415 (1966)

73940 Holubia saccata Mar 1972B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 42/72 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Nyanyadzi in the Sabi Valley0Zimbabwe1932C4E555

Much branched herb with whitish tubular flowers, digitately veined; opposite fetid leaves; winged veined fruits.
Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:89 (1988).

22633 Huperzia dacrydioides May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith Nov-73 SRGH
Epiphyte, hanging from large branch of Ochna holstiiMt. Peni, upper S-slopes0Zimbabwe1932D4VN895906E1666

22656 Huperzia ophioglossoides May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith Sep-73 SRGH
Lithophyte on damp quartzite rock in dense shadeChimanimani, Mt. Peni, S-slopes0Zimbabwe1932D4VN89-90-E1650

22449 Hypolepis sparsisora Nov 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 119/67 SRGH
Dappled shade banks of Zona R.Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

68965 Kedrostis foetidissima Feb 1956B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 88/56 C Jeffrey SRGH
On red kalahari sand in Baikiea timber beltGwampa Forest Reserve, Shangani0Zimbabwe1928A2W1150

Leaves with cordate bases, scabrid; fruit bright red, small

41686 Lindsaea odorata Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6639 SRGH
On wet rock near stream in forestHaroni/Makurupini Forest520Zimbabwe2033A1E400

Detailed area description attached to label.

40865 Lomariopsis warneckei Nov 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 111/67 SRGH
In damp well-shaded area.Chirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3 E2040

The stem adheres to the tree like a tentacle. One stem had reached 30 feet tall. stems reddish brown.

52788 Loxogramme abyssinica Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 24/67 SRGH
Epiphytic fern 100 feet above ground on fallen Celtis durandiiChirinda forest.60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Small simple leaves with only a few found to be fertile. Brown spores occur in narrow rectangles on the top portion of the leaf.

22713 Lycopodiella cernua May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 49/67 SRGH
Moist road cuttingChirinda forest, outskirts60Zimbabwe2032B3E1065

37099 Lygodium kerstenii Mar 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 36/67 SRGH
Common along forest edges, attached to trees Chirinda forest outskirts60Zimbabwe2032B3E1005

29128 Mellera lobulata Oct 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 90/67 SRGH
Along road vergesChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1100

Tall herb with showy white to delicate mauve flowers of very regular petal lobe arrangement. Foul smelling.

29136 Mellera lobulata Sep 1961B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 71/61 SRGH
A common weed on shaded road vergesChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1100

Dense patches of this plant have a sour smell. Pure white flowers and tapered petals and a mauvish spot on the lip.

52820 Microsorum punctatum Apr 1969B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 40/69 SRGH
Epiphyte clinging tightly to rough stemmed tree. Enormous where it grows in tree forks. Seen on rock outcrops & living after tree has fallen and decayed.Haroni river under evergreen forest0Zimbabwe2033A1E560

Common. Leaves very showy, often over 3' long with both surfaces shiny, darker green above, sporangia in small dots.

25567 Neoschumannia cardinea Nov 1962B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 209/62 SRGH
In forestChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3 E1100

See detailed notes on image 2.

49743 Nephrolepis biserrata Oct 1972B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 39/72 SRGH
Tall fern in good shade under large trees.Lisutu River bank above its confluence with Haroni river0Zimbabwe2033A1E700

Fern pinnately compound, tufted, with fronds over 2 metres tall; sori round evenly spaced, not quite marginal, light brown; stipe and rhachis deeply channeled above.

52689 Nephrolepis undulata May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 56/67 SRGH
Colony in well shaded moist road verge under large pines.Gungunyana Forest Reserve (=Chirinda Forest), Chipinga district.60Zimbabwe2032B3E940

Single fronds erect and flattened in one plane with pinnate leaves tapering to a broad point and leaflets distinctly overlapping on the undersurface.

97013 Oldenlandia rupicola var. rupicola Sep 1970B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 19/70 SRGH
In shade on perimeter of GwashaEastern slope of Mount Peni on Glencoe Forest Reserve, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe1932D4E1400

Lax herb, small thin leaves. Flowers pretty mauvish. Whole plant of delicate appearance forming quite dense sward, up to 2 ft high.,

24521 Oleandra distenta14 Dec 1972TM Müller
B Goldsmith
TM Müller B Goldsmith 2069 SRGH
Mixed evergreen forestChimanimani, Mutsangazi river, W of Mt. Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E900

27652 Osmunda regalis Jul 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 79/67 SRGH
On damp bank near source of Gungunyama riverChipinga, Gungunyana forest reserve0Zimbabwe2032B2E0

21835 Pachycarpus bisacculatus Jan 1962B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 25/62 SRGH
Spangabera (Espungabera), Manica0Mozambique2032B40

21813 Pachycarpus chirindensis Jan 1962B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 11/62 SRGH
Gungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga Dist (Chirinda Forest)0Zimbabwe2032B3E1150

21798 Pergularia daemia subsp. daemia Mar 1964B Goldsmith
Gungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga Dist (Chirinda Forest)0Zimbabwe2032B3E1150

52876 Pleopeltis macrocarpa Mar 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 15/68 SRGH
Epiphytic fern on tree, in cool shady riverine gullyLionhills Forest Reserve, +/- 10 miles from Melsetter (Mutare)0Zimbabwe1932D4E1520

53052 Pleopeltis polypodioides subsp. ecklonii Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 23/67 SRGH
Epiphytic fern growing on the stem of a large Celtis durandii which has fallen 100 feet from the groundChirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Many fronds growing from the stem with the roots forming a fairly dense fibrous layer

107422 Pleurostylia africana Jan 1959B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 3/59 SRGH
On exposed rocky hillside.Urungwe, Kariba0Zimbabwe1629A1N610

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 2 part 2, 1966
A tree 30' high. Opposite leaves and branching. Flowers have a nauseating odor which attracts insects including many dragonflies; free flowering with numerous regularly rounded heads; bark rough, dark.

52721 Pneumatopteris unita Nov 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 126/67 SRGH
Banks of Zona river.Chirinda forest.60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Fern with pinnate leaves. Leaflets pointed, long lobed. Small plant developes on tip vegetatively.

22489 Pteridium aquilinum subsp. capense Jan 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 138/67 SRGH
Common in fireguardsChimanimani, Gungunyana Forest Estate.0Zimbabwe2032B2E1065

53278 Pteris catoptera Dec 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 141/67 SRGH
Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

Fronds pinnate with pinnae mainly alternate & tapered to fine tips. Distinctly pilose on undersurface of pinnae midribs.

53302 Pteris cretica Aug 1969B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 69/69 SRGH
In sandstone rock cracks on edge of the falls.Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani district.640Zimbabwe1932D4E1000

Flattened in one plane & often trifoliolate; sori in blackish lines along leaf margin.

53447 Pteris vittata Jul 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 78/67 SRGH
Fern growing on quartzitic sandstone near the dip tank.Gungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga district.60Zimbabwe2032B3E945

Fronds with pinnae curling at tips; spores in narrow marginal lines; pinnate.

73861 Pterocelastrus echinatus Nov 1969B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 88/69 SRGH
Muchira River, one mile West of Glencoe House, Melsetter (Chimanimani).0Zimbabwe2032B2E1200

Tree 40' tall; leaf petioles quite red, possibly due to more sun. Bark pale brown. When bark is lightly scraped it falls off to reveal a bright orange underbark, not slash.

22762 Ptisana fraxinea var. salicifolia Oct 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 110/67 SRGH
On banks of perennial stream, well shaded and permanently damp, not commonChirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

53096 Pyrrosia rhodesiana Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 30/67 SRGH
Epiphytic fern on fallen Craibia brevicaudata, very commonChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Simple leaves which are densely and conspicuously ferruginous and white pubescent. roots covered in ferruginous straw-like layers.

5521 Rhoicissus tomentosa Dec 1965B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 51/65 SRGH
Evergreen forestChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1100

Enormous liane, very common. New leaves are densely tomentose.

41395 Salvinia molesta Jul 1960B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 92/60 SRGH
On water. Light weed bright green in colour covered several acres and resembled a well kept golf course.Kariba, collected on water in the flooded mouth of the Bumi river which enters Lake Kariba0Zimbabwe1728B1N460

Upper leaf surface covered in woolly hairs each having a distinct "O" shaped loop at its apex. No secondary growth seen in this area but the specimens have minute Lemna species adhering to them.

74169 Sesamum calycinum subsp. pseudoangolense May 1956B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 98/56 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Gwampa Forest Reserve, Shangani0Zimbabwe1928B2 W915

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:100 (1988).

53889 Synsepalum chimanimani12 Apr 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6645 SRGH
Haroni-Makurupini Forest520Zimbabwe2033A1 E396

Slender 12 ft tree; Flowers whitish-red
Cited in Flora Zambesiaca 7(1):217 (1983)

48701 Tectaria gemmifera Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6630 SRGH
Gemmiferous fern by streamHaroni-Makurupini forest0Zimbabwe2031A1E400

48702 Tectaria gemmifera Dec 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 140/67 SRGH
Fern common along shaded road vergesChirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

48706 Tectaria gemmifera Jan 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 142/67 SRGH
Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Common fern to 3' tall. Vegetative buds evident on fronds

112612 Telosma africana4 Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6660 SRGH
Haroni River520Zimbabwe2033A1E396

Climber, cream green flowers, red on throat outside, sweet scented

25562 Tephrosia longipes var. drummondii Oct 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 155/68 SRGH
Tarka Forest Reserve0Zimbabwe E1160

41593 Vittaria volkensii May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 12/73 SRGH
Epiphyte with Lycopodium dacrydioidesUpper Southern slope of mount Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E1666

Fern with simple linear dark green glabrous fronds in tufts. Up to half a meter long, hanging almost vertically.


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