Literature: Carter, S. & Leach, L.C. (2001)

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Carter, S. & Leach, L.C. (2001)Euphorbiaceae: subfamily Euphorbioideae: tribe EuphorbieaeFlora Zambesiaca 9(5) 94

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 69
Euphorbia acervata
Euphorbia benthamii
Euphorbia citrina
Euphorbia confinalis subsp. confinalis
Euphorbia confinalis subsp. rhodesiaca
Euphorbia cooperi var. calidicola
Euphorbia cooperi var. cooperi
Euphorbia crebrifolia
Euphorbia crotonoides subsp. crotonoides
Euphorbia cyathophora
Euphorbia cyparissioides
Euphorbia decidua
Euphorbia delicatissima
Euphorbia depauperata var. depauperata
Euphorbia depauperata var. tsetserrensis
Euphorbia dissitispina
Euphorbia espinosa
Euphorbia eylesii
Euphorbia fortissima
Euphorbia gossypina subsp. mangulensis
Euphorbia griseola subsp. griseola
Euphorbia griseola subsp. mashonica
Euphorbia guerichiana
Euphorbia halipedicola
Euphorbia heterophylla
Euphorbia hirta
Euphorbia inaequilatera var. inaequilatera
Euphorbia indica
Euphorbia ingens
Euphorbia karibensis
Euphorbia kilwana
Euphorbia limpopoana
Euphorbia lividiflora
Euphorbia lupatensis
Euphorbia maleolens
Euphorbia malevola
Euphorbia matabelensis
Euphorbia memoralis
Euphorbia monteiri subsp. monteiri
Euphorbia mossambicensis
Euphorbia neopolycnemoides
Euphorbia oatesii
Euphorbia peplus
Euphorbia persistentifolia
Euphorbia pfeilii
Euphorbia platycephala
Euphorbia prostrata
Euphorbia pulcherrima (cultivated)
Euphorbia rowlandii
Euphorbia rubriflora
Euphorbia rugosiflora
Euphorbia schimperiana var. pubescens
Euphorbia schimperiana var. schimperiana
Euphorbia schimperiana var. velutina
Euphorbia schinzii
Euphorbia serpens
Euphorbia spissiflora
Euphorbia systyloides subsp. porcaticapsa
Euphorbia tettensis
Euphorbia tirucalli
Euphorbia tortistyla
Euphorbia transvaalensis
Euphorbia trichadenia var. gibbsiae
Euphorbia wildii
Monadenium lugardiae
Monadenium spinulosum
Pedilanthus tithymaloides subsp. smallii (cultivated)
Synadenium cameronii
Synadenium kirkii

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Zimbabwe: Literature detail: Carter, S. & Leach, L.C. (2001)., retrieved 21 February 2024

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